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Counselor uses Mindful Meditation and Yoga

by Selene
(Dayton Ohio)

I have had a few different very positive experiences with using meditation in my life. A few years ago while in college I attended a meditative yoga class, which was my first experience with both yoga and any form of meditation.

In the beginning it was very difficult for me to calm my mind and simply focus on breath and the movement of my body, but practicing helped me discipline my mind. During the term (which lasted about three months) I began to notice the physical and mental benefits of meditation.

I noticed how much calmer and centered I felt, and my body even felt healthier, not to mention I was significantly more limber than before I started. I had previously been plagued with stress and I noticed that diminished considerably. I felt happy and content even when dealing with difficult experiences that would normally send me into chaos.

To this day, even though it’s difficult for me to attend such a class, I swear by this type of yoga, both for a person’s mind and for the body. Recently through a psychology class I learned mindful awareness meditation techniques. This type of awareness to one’s thoughts and feelings, and even one’s physical being has given me a new appreciation for my own experience in the world.

This type of meditation teaches one to appreciate just being, which many people do not do in today’s demanding world. We never realize how much of our experience we either take for granted or miss all together because we are not aware of it happening, we are on auto pilot during our lives.

This type of meditation teaches one how to become aware of every moment in life, and to notice and appreciate it. This helps to make the experience of life both enhanced, and for those dealing with any type of ailment whether it is physical or mental it helps a person to develop loving acceptance of the circumstances of their life.

This type of meditation has used in the treatment of certain physical illnesses such as chronic pain and can be used in psychotherapy to help patients deal with the emotional experiences that develop in treatment. So I’ve benefited from this type of meditation two fold, both personally and professionally when I deal with people that come to me for counseling.

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