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Choice of schools for my daughter

by confused

If my daughter stays in her current school, she will not be able to see her father as much as she has in the past. He is emotionally abusive but she still wants us to maintain our 50/50 visitation schedule. If she changes to a better school, that will allow her to spend as much time with him as she does now, but it will be a long commute from my house.

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Sep 23, 2010
Energy Healing for Your Situation
by: Tanja from Energy Healing Info

Hello confused,

You are in a difficult situation right now, it's ok to be confused! Make sure to give yourself love at this time. Nurture yourself. It's important for you to find a place of balance and harmony within yourself. It will help you provide a point of strength in your daughter's life. We will add all three of you to our healing list this Sunday. Now to your questions,

Your situation has:
1) A father to your daughter/ex-husband you feel is emotionally abusive.
2) A daughter who wants to maintain contact with him.
3) A situation that will require you to "put yourself out" in order to meet your daughter's wishes.

If only life were simple, right? First things first. Do you feel he is emotionally abusive to your daughter or just you? Does this impression stem from when you were married to him or do you see it continuing to occur?

1) If you feel he is currently emotionally abusive to your daughter I highly recommend finding a therapist or counselor. She will need a neutral outside guide to help her deal with her emotional state. She may not be aware or want to "see" the abuse. A therapist can help. Also if he is abusive to her, even emotionally, perhaps he shouldn't have access to her at all. Once again, a trained therapist should be involved.

2) If he is not emotionally abusive to your daughter, you really need to consider how her school will impact you. It sounds like having her switch schools will be very difficult for you because of the increased daily commute.

3) She is in the same school she has been in for a while. Did he move farther away? If so, I see it as his responsibility to make adequate measures if he wishes to have 50/50 visitations.

4) It sounds as though you are being put in a situation where you are being asked to bend, but what about the other party? If you can, try to have an emotionally neutral discussion with him and see if there is a way the two of you can come to an agreement. Your daughter wants both parents in her life, and if possible, she should be able to have this, but not at your expense. If you have done nothing to change the pattern of visitation, it seems that switching schools is an extreme measure for you to be asked to "bend" on.

I will send energy healing your way. Namaste, Tanja

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