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Sacred Sounds is a 54 minute meditation music track of seven quartz crystal singing bowls created by a sound healer and reiki master. It is perfect for listening to whenever you need some extra tranquility in your life.

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chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.

If you feel drawn to the Sacred Sounds soundtrack, there is a reason. Listen to your intuition. It isn't right for everyone, no healing system is. But for those who feel intuitively drawn to it, the healing effects can be profound. If you'd like to hear a longer sample, click the meditation mandala video below.

With Love and Light,


Sacred Sounds is a full length relaxation and meditation music track. There are no vocals or singing to distract you from achieving a deep state of tranquility. There are no individual song tracks to pull you out of a state of meditation. It is a continuous 54 minute recording of crystal singing bowls.

It is ideal for relaxation, meditation, balancing your chakras and relieving stress. Many people have shared that it has helped them with insomnia, anxiety and depression. It works by balancing and realigning the seven chakras using frequencies associated with each chakra.

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From Lynn: I purchased your crystal bowls cd in the hope of getting some sleep. Last night I put it on and fell asleep almost immediately. I felt an incredible sense of peace. No tossing, no turning, no negative thoughts or worries. I have already recommended this cd to two of my friends and will keep on recommending it to others. Thank you!

From Bey: I love the sounds of the crystal bowls. And finally I found one with no talking and only the music! It would be so fantastic for you to make more.

From Skyless Searcher: This was lovely. I could feel the energy in my hands and 7th chakra.

From Smallie: I have a terrible problem with insomnia. I listened to this and I could SLEEP! Soothing sounds... Feels like I've slept for the first time in years.

From Erron: I was listening to this before going to sleep and it felt good like my aura and body was getting a massage. The best one I've heard yet. Thanks.

From nzmozzeegirl: Wow... I've only heard Tibetan singing bowls before...this is really beautiful... You can feel it raising up your vibration...awesome...thanx...namaste..

From Magyck33: I love this. They are so soft and sweet. I've never heard them played more beautifully than this, and have bought a number of CD's of them. Bravo.


chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.

+How to Use Sacred Sounds

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Sacred Sounds is gentle yet powerful. When listening to it, we recommend finding a quiet time of day, turning off the phone ringer, and relaxing into the experience. You will most likely feel your consciousness shifting and your vibrational level rising as your chakras realign themselves. For this reason we don't recommend listening to this cd while driving!

To get the full therapeutic effects listen to the full track at least once a day, every day for the first few weeks. You will feel the energies of transformation entering your life. Synchronicities will occur and paths will open before you as your energies align with the divinity of the universe. You can also pop it in for a few minutes if that is all you have time for.

Many people like to put it on a loop and play it very quietly all night long while they sleep. Excellent for deep sleeping! One customer even used it for his dog who suffered from anxiety while its humans were gone at work. He would put it on a continuous loop all day long. His dog mellowed out, stopped tearing up furniture and looked "chill" when he'd come home from work.

chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.


+It's Not for Everyone

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The energy of Sacred Sounds is very strong. The music was recorded in one full session with reiki energy sent into the singing bowls the entire time. A strong healing lemurian seed crystal was present, sharing its energies as well. Some people, especially those who have never experienced an energy healing session, may feel strange sensations while listening to the soundtrack.

Listening to Sacred Sounds is the equivalent of having a reiki session and a crystal singing bowl session at the same time.

As with all healing sessions, old energy patterns sometimes bubble to the surface. You may find yourself thinking about old experiences and people who are no longer in your life. You may feel energy connections that are around you for the first time in your life.

Be gentle with the experience and with yourself. Treat it as you would a healing session. Allow time to relax after the music is finished. Pay attention to any sensations or emotions that arise in you over the next few days after listening to it. When your chakras realign, it can take a little while for all of the adjustments to happen.

Through our experiences and sharing experiences with other sound healers, we know that crystal singing bowls aren't for everyone. With every healing form, there will always be a few people who don't feel comfortable with it. Listen to your body and allow for this. We've known people who couldn't handle being around amethyst crystals but any other crystal was fine, another who couldn't handle Quantum Touch but loved Reiki, another who was very careful with which healing practitioners she let work on her. It's important to honor yourself. Listen to the sample we've provided at the top of the page. Feel and see if the energies feel right for you before buying Sacred Sounds.

chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.


+The Chakra Balancing Effect

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Sacred Sounds was created by Patrick Ray, a Reiki master and sound healer. When recording, Patrick focused his intention on the energies of Love, Patience, and Gratitude. To do this, he allowed himself to be guided purely by Spirit. Listening to Sacred Sounds removes energy blockages and infuses your cells with pure healing. It is designed to bring Balance to your entire chakra system. It is the essence of Energy Healing.

Each time you listen to Sacred Sounds it will be as though you have eight Reiki masters performing an hour long healing session on you, along with seven quartz crystal spirits infusing you with pure white light energy. You will enter the healing alpha brain wave frequencies. Studies have shown that when a person enters the theta state, their body becomes receptive to deep healing on a cellular level.

By entering theta while listening to this soundtrack, you will be in a state of open receptivity to the healing vibrations of the chakra balancing crystal singing bowls and reiki energy present within them. Thousands of people have already experienced a chakra balancing from Patrick. Now you can too, regardless of where you live in the world. All you have to do is sit back and listen...

chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.


+Meditation Mandala Video featuring Sacred Sounds

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chakra balancing mp3

* Note. The cd is temporarily sold out. The Mp3 is currently available.


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