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Animal Reiki Works. Find out how Effective Reiki Healing Can be for Animals, Pets, Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Animal Reiki can have profound effects: I do want to share a wonderful energy healing story with you regarding a 3 month old kitten called York.

York was actually named Sgt. York after the war hero Sgt. York by my husband, he needed a brave name as his two litter mates passed away and he was left alone with his grieving Momma.

His Mom's name is Riley and she loves her kittens dearly really has awesome 'family' energy. Anyway York got ran over the day he turned 3 months old. I saw the accident and went running out to the yard, he was run over by a 4 x 4 half ton truck, his poor little gray body was limp when I got to him.

I gave York Reiki for at least 10 minutes where he was laying, didn't feel he would make the 45 minute trip to a Vet...had nothing to lose, the bleeding in his mouth eventually stopped, his back was twisted and he had a big lump on his hip, no breaks, also found a hernia on his tummy...after giving him reiki in the yard i carried him into the house and my house cat Hilory immediatly attended and sat beside him.

I could feel Hilory sending love and Reiki to York. A few minutes later he drug himself down the hallway to the litter box, little genteman that he is he made it to the litter box.

I continued the Reiki off an on all day, keeping in mind I am an animal health technician did other first aid treatments on him and kept him warm and quiet, his Mom came into house and slept with him, it took York most of the summer and next winter to heal with continuous Reiki treatments, the hernia went away and he is now very healthy, he does scream, not meows but screams if he is snoozing somewhere and wakes up and there is no one there but is attended to immediately either by another furr baby or a person...he is very dear to us and just want to share what love bonds and teamwork can do with the healing energy.


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