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A Capricorn Woman in Love is strong and ambitious. You won't have to guess what her feelings are, she'll be the first to tell you straight up if you're the man for her. The question is, do you have what it takes to keep up with her? Read on to discover how to capture a confident Capricorn woman's heart....

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capricorn woman in love

Capricorn women are ambitious, organized, successful self-made individuals who knows how to make their mark in the world using their intellectual powers. Underneath the cool, composed, confident demeanor, it is a different story. A Capricorn woman in love can be emotionally moody, insecure and vulnerable, needing love as much as a child.

There is a dark side to the Capricorn woman's psyche which takes the form of melancholy, deep inner loneliness and depression. This is the reason behind the workaholic syndrome that is associated with this sign - if she doesn't keep herself busy, she's more than likely to fall into the clutches of deep depression every now and then. The younger formative years are almost always painful for her, as she tries to come to terms with who she really is at the deep inner core.


Although the Capricorn woman yearns to be in love and feel appreciated and needed, she is often attracted to accomplished partners who mirror her own reflection of outward success. When she feels that her heart has been captured, she is willing to give of herself and accommodate her partner's needs more than others. At times, she tends to confuse the inner needs with the outer goals when she merely focuses on the external superficialities of the material realm. Typical for earth signs, She can find herself falling for the big house and fancy car behind a man, as much as with the man himself. These types of infatuation rarely last but contribute a great deal in her life lessons pertaining to love and romance.

Ironically, her challenge in life is self-love. She has to build up her own sense of self-esteem and identity instead of being a self-critical perfectionist. The good news is that being endowed with so much sensibility, the Capricorn woman eventually learns her lessons and starts to become a self-affirmed individual in her own right as she matures. When she realizes that the external trappings of materialism are unable to compensate for her deep inner insecurities, she gets to make peace with her own being. Only then will she be able to attract a love based on real mutual closeness, trust and intimacy.

Catching a Capricorn woman is a feat easily accomplished if you are confident and self-assured. She will be attracted to the strength of will and esteem that you emanate. Whatever you do, don't show her any weakness! Especially during the dating phase. She's looking for a man strong enough to keep up with her. Don't bother wooing her with flowers and sweet platitudes. She'd rather have you take charge and let her know in no uncertain terms exactly how you feel about her.


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