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A Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility match can be fraught with difficulty. Find out why this free spirited Fire sign and logical Earth sign love match might be better left to friendship.

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There can be a connection for these two when they first meet, but can a Sagittarius Capricorn love match last?

At first Sagittarius will be impressed by Capricorn's single-minded determination and ability to stay focused on goals in life and Capricorn may find themselves drawn to the strong charismatic personality of a Sagittarian.

That initial attraction can quickly fizzle when these two signs get to know each other better. There are simply too many differences between them for this to be an easy partnership.


Over time Sag is likely to end up feeling a cold draft from their logical, earthy partner. Sagittarius needs a strong-spirited, optimistic partner who can allow them the freedom and spontaneity they crave. Their Capricorn's pragmatic attitude towards life doesn't mesh well with the free-spirited Sag, and they are likely to feel their flames of enthusiasm waning in this partnership.

In turn Cap is likely to feel frustrated as well. Capricorn craves stability, clear goals, and structure. A Capricorn without strong goals and determination is a rarity indeed. Their Sagittarian's free spirit and spontaneous attitude towards life won't sit comfortably with Cap, who can feel their partner is too flighty and lacking in direction.

Even though they are placed next to each other on the zodiac wheel (which implies that both are likely to have incorporated some traits from each other's Sun sign) these two astrological signs have tons of differences.

A Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility match is hampered also by their different ways of communicating. Capricorn is often a creature of few words who prefers action to emotional outpourings. A Capricorn is likely to show they love someone by striving to get ahead in life so they can better care for their partner and family.

Sagittarius on the other hand, is ruled by the heart instead of the mind. They are more likely to show their love by planning a spur of the moment weekend getaway to some romantic spot. The emphasis is on the "spur of the moment".


The Archer is a fearless adventurer at heart and hankers after intellectual stimulation, higher learning, and idealistic causes in life. Sagittarius' security is not based on material accomplishments but on adventure, unlike Capricorn who loves order and structure in life. The philosophical nature of Sagittarius and materialistic tendencies of Capricorn are a difficult aspect of Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility.

The Archer is suited to living a nomadic lifestyle which allows him/her to explore the various facets in life, unaccountable to anyone else. This is in sharp contrast to the Goat, who is essentially a conservative traditionalist at heart and needs a certain amount of security and stability in life.

The end result of all these differences is the Archer is likely to feel claustrophobic and trapped in a relationship with their Capricorn mate. The Goat is likely to feel frustrated at their Sagittarius partner's flightiness, lack of clearly defined goals, and need for spontaneity.

It is mainly the long term depthful commitment aspect of romantic involvement that makes compatibility for Sagittarius and Capricorn tough.

The final verdict is that Capricorn and Sagittarius seem to be better suited as friends rather than romantic partners. Unless there are more harmonious influences from each other's chart or a strong determination to make it succeed, a Sagittarius and Capricorn love match rarely works out in the long run.


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