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A Capricorn and Pisces compatibility match can be well balanced and pleasant. Find out how this earth sign and water sign can help each other through their respective Soul Journeys.

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Are Pisces and Capricorn compatible?

Initially, these two signs may seem worlds apart - Capricorn is practical and discriminating while Pisces is idealistic and romantic. However when Capricorn and Pisces come together, the astrology compatibility between their signs is a perfect match.

Water and Earth is a particularly good combination that can bring out the strengths of each partner.

Pisces can certainly help Capricorn to get more in touch with the feeling and emotional side of life. In turn Capricorn can teach Pisces about building order and structure in life.

Although Capricorns need to feel appreciated and loved, the Goat is usually not one to readily show the sensual side of their personality. Pisces will be able to sense what Capricorn needs and draw the Goat out of their protective shell. A Capricorn Pisces astrology compatibility match works well in this regard.

Capricorn is likely to be the initiator and take charge of this relationship, which suits Pisces just fine. On the other hand, Capricorn will be able to ground the elusiveness and dreaminess of Pisces, who tends to have difficulties in setting up boundaries in life, indulging in various forms of escapism.


The challenges of this union provide many opportunities for learning and self-development for both individuals. Pisces is the more flexible, adaptable and accommodating of the two and is likely to make the adjustments and sacrifices in the relationship.

In turn Capricorn will take charge and provide the grounded foundation that their Piscean needs.

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility is a good example of how differences can be complimentary. These two have strengths that complement their partner's weaknesses, and together they can build a solid life together....


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