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A Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility match has great potential for success. Read on for reasons why these two practical zodiac earth signs can be perfect for one another.

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In traditional astrology compatibility, when two Capricorns get together, it can often turn into a Capricorn love match made in heaven.

Both are hardworking, practical and realistic individuals who are likely to have work-related issues at the forefront of their life priorities. They will not fail to give each other support and encouragement in life goals and work ambitions. Astrology compatibility for Capricorn and Capricorn has a solid foundation because both will be so similar in temperment and personality.

Capricorns are practical, pragmatic, and logical in life. They approach love from the same down to earth practical perspective.

Both are cautious individuals who tread carefully in matters of the heart and test out the waters at the start of a romance, preferring to build up trust slowly. So double Capricorn relationships are likely to start off slowly with a long dating period.


Once their cautionary "testing period" is over, they are likely to develop a long-term relationship. As they are both conservative traditionalists at heart, they are likely to opt for the more socially acceptable union of marriage and neither will have problems knowing where they stand together in a committed relationship.

Both will tend to be reserved emotionally, preferring to work out issues using logic and analysis. This will suit them, as neither one will be "overly emotional".


The downside of this pairing occurs when both are too focused on reaching the summit of the mountain and do not take time out to smell the roses and indulge in fun along the journey.

Since both of them will be so focused on material success and building a successful lifestyle, the match could get dry at times with very little play time.


The downsides for these two are relatively small in comparison to how much they will have in common.

Together they can enjoy a life that has traditional and conservative values at it's core, and success as it's goal. Neither are likely to stray from the marriage, and when they get over the initial dating period, there is an excellent chance that this will be a Capricorn love match for life.


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