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A Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility match can be workable because they both have similar mental traits. Continue reading to find out how this pragmatic earth sign and free-wheeling air sign can be good for one another.

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When Capricorn and Aquarius come together, they'll connect quickly, although there may not be sparks of physical attraction. Their union will be based more on the meeting of their minds than their hearts.

Both are "thinker" signs who are driven by intellectual stimulation and the need for captivating conversations with those around them. This is a case where astrology compatibility shows a positive connection through mutual mindsets.

Not only will they enjoy sharing ideas and thoughts, they are also likely to respect each other's skills and talents. They have much in common, yet there are vast differences in their personalities as well.


Where the minds meet between these two Zodiac signs, other issues could arise to break these lovers apart.

Capricorn values consistency and stability in affairs of the heart. Favoring practicality and pragmatism, the Capricorn partner wants not just a mentally stimulating partner, but one who is solid and reliable as well.

In contrast Aquarius prefers a less rigid lifestyle, and will often forgo some material comforts and stability in favor of freedom, new experiences and interesting companions.

Things start to look up for this couple when it comes to dealing with each other on an emotional level. Despite their different approaches to life, they approach emotions almost as similarly as they approach the mind.

Both have a tendency to want a little space in a relationship, and both tend to be reserved with sharing their emotions. This means that neither will feel "trapped" or emotionally bombarded by the other, and neither will take offense if loud proclamations of their undying love are rare.


Aquarius and Capricorn have it going on for mental and emotional compatibility. The biggest difference for these two is their approach to living life.

Capricorn is essentially a conservative traditionalist at heart and takes life more seriously than their free Aquarius mate, who adopts a more unorthodox approach to life and likes taking the off-beat route in life. It's another slight difference in philosophy between Capricorn and Aquarius astrology compatibility, but if they can work through this detail, they could have a very fulfilling life together.


These two zodiac lovers have an excellent chance at success. Despite their differences, they have so much in common in the mental realm and emotional realm, that the match has a good chance of success.

Since both are so logical, they can work through their differences using pure logic and analysis.

Both are visionaries who take different paths to fulfill their ambitions and goals. This combination might just work out as Aquarius has the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, as a co-ruling planet too.

If Capricorn learns to loosen up a little and Aquarius learns to be a little more practical this pairing might just be able to work out their differences in the long run and have a long and satisfying life together.


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