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A Cancer Woman in Love is emotional, sensitive and feminine, a true princess searching for her knight. Do you have what it takes to be her strong leading man? Or keep this elegant creature once you've caught her eye? Read on to find out what it takes for a Cancer woman to stick around:

aries woman in love

The Cancer woman is all emotion. Her many changeable moods wax and wane like the movements of the Moon. All that emotion means you will always be able to read her like an open book and you will never feel a lack of love once she is yours.

Before she's decided you're the one, she can be difficult to figure out, since she can change her mind every two minutes. Secretly, the Cancer woman longs for everlasting love, the kind of stuff that romance novels are made of. She has to feel complete trust in another person before she can truly open up emotionally, but once she does, she's yours forever.


She is certainly not a player and when it comes to love she is serious and looking for a long term relationship. She is marriage-minded and what she seeks most is reliability and stability in a mate as the themes of home, family and domestic life are significant drives for her. Nevertheless, she is cautious in her approach to love and her insecurity and vulnerability can keep her from trusting a new man in her life.

The cancer woman in love has one major weakness: She can sometimes make foolish choices, falling for a bad boy who seems exciting and dangerous, even though deep down she wants Prince Valiant. The irony of a cancer woman in love is that because her emotions control her she can make downright destructive choices in her selection of partners. When this happens, she has a tendency to hold onto the wrong man for too long as she can be emotionally stubborn and myopic in outlook. She has to learn to trust her own heart, instincts and power by letting go when necessary.

Winning a Cancer woman requires balancing on a delicate line. She will want you to be her strong, solid hero and Mr. Dangerous all at once. In the long run the hero will always win out, but a bit of daring, especially early on, will make her swoon for you. Treat this delicate lady like a 1950's movie starlet. Open her car door and surprise her with roses. Take her for a moonlit walk. It won't be long before your Cancer woman has fallen in love... Above all remember that she needs to feel special. The fastest way to drive her away is to take her for granted or make her feel unappreciated.

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