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A Cancer Man in Love can be as changeable as the cycles of the moon. Do you know how to soothe this water signs emotions long enough to catch him? Read on to find out what it takes to keep a Cancer man....

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cancer man in love

The Cancer man, because he is ruled by the cycles of the moon, is undoubtedly the most sensitive man in the zodiac. Being so aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult for a man to operate so emotionally in a 'man's world', he often tries to cover up his innermost feelings with a hard impenetrable shell. Underneath it all, his moods are uncontrollable as they come and go like the unpredictable weather.


At his best, the Cancer man is sensitive, loving, kind-hearted in a relationship. He is serious in love, traditional in outlook and looks for a woman who will be the mother of his children and raise them in an old-fashioned home environment. Protecting and caring for those he loves in the domestic context is his primary goal in life.

The Cancer man in love has one big weakness, he can be crabby and moody with his insecurities in matters of the heart. His private fears are mostly kept to himself and he lives in a secret world where his past hurts and fears still haunt him. To counteract this, he is focused on emotional and material security as a buffer against the outside world. Even though he is loyal in a committed relationship, he can be difficult to deal with as he unknowingly pushes others away by shutting down completely in an emotional stew. Because he can be deeply insecure and impressionable, he is often attracted to partners who appear striking, attractive and self-confident. Such liaisons often turn out to have disastrous consequences. The Cancer man has to be aware not to smother his loved ones and needs to learn how to differentiate between love and dependency. By giving love hoping to get love in return, he often ignores the individual needs of his partner. Ironically, even though he is so aware of his own feelings, he needs to be more consciously tuned into his partner's feelings and needs by opening up to listen.

Your Cancer man is looking for deep, deep love. To catch him, show him your sensitivity, your inner feelings. Just be prepared for the cycles of the moon. Everyday a Cancer sign will feel differently. To keep him in the long run you need to be prepared to deal with his strong emotions. Even when he's not showing them, be assured there is a swirl of emotional energies lingering close to the surface. But if you're looking for stability it's worth the trouble. A Cancer man will provide you with a steady relationship and more closeness than any other sign. If you're a free spirit, think twice before connecting with this sign. The tendency to co-dependency and clinging can be strong, and you may find yourself smothered.

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