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Want to find out about Cancer compatibility with other zodiac and horoscope signs? Let us guide you through the maze of astrology compatibility matches for this moody water sign...

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

Cancer the Sign your Greatest Gift is: Emotional Awareness and Empathy

Cancer the Sign your Greatest Obstacle is: Seclusion and Moodiness

Your ideal Cancer Love Sign Matches are with the Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.


cancer compatibility

Cancer the Sign, Being a Moon-ruled native, you are naturally tied to family, tradition, nostalgia and the past. Being a deep feeling zodiac sign, emotional awareness and sensitivity are qualities innate in you and you were born intuitive.

Your desire to build a comfortable, lasting and safe life is admirable and makes you a stable and loyal partner. When it comes to love, ironically you throw caution to the wind. Once you're in a relationship however, your tendency is to stay committed to the point of being self-sacrificial.

When your fluctuating moods take over you, an overwhelming feeling of helplessness causes you to withdraw without a word, which can leave your partner feeling rejected and confused. The tendency to allow irrational fears and doubts to take over has to be counteracted.

The challenge for you therefore is to allow love to run its course naturally by letting the relationship take the time it needs to evolve. By acknowledging your inner needs to be nurtured and loved as well, you take the heavy sense of self-imposed responsibility off your shoulders.


Cancer Woman in Love
Cancer Man in Love

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