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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Cancer and Virgo compatibility matchup has a great chance of working out. Read further for details on how this water sign and earth sign can have a successful relationship.

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Cancer and Virgo share some similarities in their personalities which may make it easier for them to sail through stormy weather of relationships. Both of them are essentially security-minded individuals who place great emphasis on traits like loyalty, trust and commitment. This sets a Virgo and Cancer astrology compatibility match up with a good foundation.

They are both nurturing individuals in their own different ways - Virgo approaches matters of love in a more sensible, practical and realistic manner whereas Cancer approaches love from a dreamy, sensitive and emotional standpoint.

This means that together the Virgo can keep them grounded in reality and the Cancer can create some magic in their lives.


They both have issues of deep insecurity to deal with and are prone to moodiness - Virgo being a mutable sign with vacillation tendencies and Cancer being a Lunar-ruled native whose moods wax and wane like the Moon.

Because of this, they may possess the uncanny ability to know what the other needs and can work towards creating balance and stability in the union.

This moodiness and insecurity is often a downfall for both signs in relationships, yet since they both share it, it actually becomes a strength for Virgo and Cancer relationships.

Both will seek security and love from each other, and be able to provide in turn without either partner feeling suffocated. Emotionally they are in tune with one another.


Compatibility for Cancer the Sign and Virgo: Long term relationship overview...

Every relationship has its difficulties and the Cancer and Virgo match is no different.

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac and has a strong critical and nit-picking tendencies, which may unintentionally hurt Cancer. This can leave Cancer feeling unappreciated and unloved.

Cancer's mood swings can leave Virgo feeling confused, and if Virgo makes the mistake of being overly critical during of those famous Cancer moods, a cat fight of epic proportions could ensue.

Together they must work to control their emotions and learn to communicate in a way that makes each partner feel loved, nurtured and adored. Otherwise their mutual insecurities could rear up and threaten the relationships long term survival.

Cancer must grow a thick skin and learn not to be excessively sensitive to their partners criticisms. Virgo in turn must tone down the "constructive remarks" and learn to take Cancer's mood swings with a smile and a hug.

If both partners can do this, then this astrological match has a great chance of fulfilling both Zodiac signs needs perfectly.


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