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A Cancer and Scorpio compatibility match can be highly workable. Find out how these two water signs can be great partners for one another.

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Coming from the same elemental family, astrologically speaking a Cancer and a Scorpio match is off to a great start as both naturally possess a deep affinity for each other. Both are known as survivor signs and there is no lack of deep mutual understanding of each other's inner drives, goals and working mechanisms here.

Cancer and Scorpio are both passionate, emotional and sensitive individuals who are family-oriented and emotionally responsive by nature.

Because both are protective of their loved ones and deeply devoted and loyal to the other in a committed relationship, once together it is unlikely they will separate.

Chemistry in the bedroom is high for this pairing as well. Cancer will dote on their mate's needs, providing them with nurturing and attention. In turn Scorpio's highly sensual nature and expressive signs of affection will fulfill Cancer's need for intimacy and closeness.

Both signs are incredibly moody and come from a heart-centered space. Emotions rule for these water signs. This can be a weakness in other pairings, but for these two it will feel like being at home. They will be tolerant and understanding of each other's mood swings and occasional emotional outbursts.


Together they will create a sea of emotions. Those can be positive and at times negative. Watch out when these two fight. There will be loud displays of anger and hurt feelings. But the make up afterwards will be just as emotional, with soft whispered words of love and adoration. Just keep a check on all those emotions and don't let them get out of hand.

Scorpio also has a controlling side that must be watched. The borderline submissive Cancer can be overrun by the dominant emotions of their partner, wich can cause rifts in the relationship.

Both signs can also retreat when feeling wounded. In particular, Scorpio has a tradition of being slow to trust others. Cancer, with its perceptive and intuitive nature must draw their Scorpio back out and redevlop trust if they fight too intensely. Otherwise Scorpio may stay in defensive position permanently.

Despite these issues, a scorpio and cancer compatibility match has all the hallmarks of success, given their innate similarities and natural astrological tendencies.


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