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A Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility match is asking for trouble. Find out why this water sign and fire sign just aren't steamy.

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These two zodiac signs live in two different worlds.

Sagittarius and Cancer have vastly different emotional needs in a relationship coming from such different perspectives in life. Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility show that these two are far apart in emotional needs and skills.

As a sensitive, emotional, domesticated sign, Cancer seeks security and stability in a mate and is far too needy and introverted for an extroverted sign like Sagittarius, who requires plenty of personal space, freedom and autonomy.

In addition, the drastic mood swings and emotional intensity of Cancer are not likely to be well understood by the expansive and optimistic mind of Sagittarius, who tends to be primarily interested in variety, greener pastures, higher learning and takes on a philosophical outlook in life. In astrological compatibility, the difference between philosophical and emotional needs can be a challenge.

Sagittarius is probably perceived to be too egocentric, selfish and elusive by the vulnerable Cancerian mate, who tends to cling to the past, finding much comfort and solace in it. In contrast, Sagittarius is a future-oriented idealistic sign which is likely to find Cancerian possessiveness too rigid, stifling and suffocating.


Sagittarius thinks while Cancer feels. While the fire sign wants freedom and space in a relationship, and is most happy to come together with their partner in life for a short time every day, the emotional water sign seeks nurturing, comfort and closeness as often as possible.

This spells clausterphobia for the archer and feelings of rejection for the crab.

Unless there are more harmonious aspects from each other's chart, the Archer is likely to exacerbate Cancer's insecurities while the Crab is likely to put out the fiery flames of the Archer's zest and enthusiasm for life. Astrology compatibility for Sagittarius and Cancer is not a good likelihood.

Astrology Compatibility for Cancer and Sagittarius is a stretch for both partners. To make this tragic combination work will require patience, fortitude and commitment from both partners as they learn to live with their opposing astrological match.


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