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A Cancer and Pisces compatibility match can be pleasantly empathic. Find out how two water signs make it happen.

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Astrology compatibility for Pisces and Cancer works because both are on the same elemental page (water).

When these two Water signs come together, there is mutual empathy and rapport between them. Being from the same elemental family means that there is an innate understanding of each other's inner drives, goals and approaches to life.

There can be an instant connection and a strong feeling that they have known each other for a long time. Since they are both heart-centered, dealing with life through emotions instead of the mind, they can connect deeply and quickly.

Both Cancer and Pisces are compassionate, intuitive and nurturing individuals and are perceptive enough to appreciate the inner strength and sensitivity in each other. Should problems temporarily arise between them, their ease of communication should be able to withstand the stormy weather.

Cancer can be very attracted to the sensuality, passion and aura of mystery exuded by Pisces, who in turn will feel safe and protected by Cancer's loyal and protective nature.

At other times, the intensity of their mood swings may put a dampener on their astrological compatibility. Nevertheless, their combined energy creates an easy and harmonious flow as both individuals are equally in touch with their feelings and will share a give-and-take approach in this relationship.

Since both Pisces and Cancer require devotion and attention from their partners, they are well matched to provide this for one another. Unlike some zodiac signs which need some space in a relationship, these two will be very cozy, close, and constantly by each others sides.


Every zodiac pairing has some difficulties, and while these two signs are extremely well-suited for one another, there are a few issues to look out for.

Cancer craves a traditional commitment in a relationship, seeking that final "I do," in a relationship. And yet it can take some time for a Cancer to truly trust their partner. Pisces may not understand their partners reluctance to share "all of themselves" as quickly as possible.

Cancers emotions run under the surface, hidden from view, but incredibly strong. Pisces on the other hand takes a more direct approach to their emotions, sharing themselves and their feelings completely with a partner. Cancers reluctance, especially in the beginning of a relationship, could cause their more direct partner to wonder if the connection is really as strong as they first thought.

Pisceans also have a tendency to live through fantasy and sugar coat situations. This eccentric streak may rub their partner wrong at times... especially when the Pisces isn't facing up to real issues in the relationship.

Overall these issues are minor, and with a little communication the love compatibility of Cancer and Pisces is strong. The two could have a love affair to span the decades.


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