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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Cancer and Libra compatibility match can be difficult at best. Read on for further details about how this water sign and air sign see things differently.

cancer relationships astrology compatibility libra compatibility


Sharing an astrologically challenging aspect means these two signs have some inherent differences in their personalities to sort out before they can hope to achieve long-lasting love.

Both are cardinal signs which means that they are good initiators. However Libra is renowned for procrastination and vacillating tendencies as they carefully ponder all angles of a situation.

Cancer in turn, won't share their deepest emotional states until they feel that the other has earned their trust. This means neither sign may ever know how the other feels about them. For Cancer, this lack of emotional outpouring comes across as rejection and disinterest, and they will retreat moodily into their shell.

This makes an initial connection between these signs difficult. Even if they are interested in dating one another, neither is likely to let the other one know!

If they can make it past the initial "I like you, do you like me," hurdle they have a better chance at succeeding.


If they've managed to make it through the initial hurdle of expressing their feelings and are actually dating, there are new issues to overcome.

Libras relate to others through logic while Cancers relates to others through emotions. When trying to resolve differences the mind and the heart can feel miles apart for these two.

Libra is likely to "judge a book by its cover" and fail to see the strong emotional undercurrents that Cancer keeps hidden from view. If Libras partner says, "I'm fine," they will take that answer as the gospel without paying any attention to pouting, huffing, puffing and sighing (moody methods that Cancer often uses to communicate with).

Libra generally doesn't share Cancer's strong need for soul-shattering emotional connection and bonding in a relationship. They are instead content with a quiet, rational partner to share their life with. Cancer's moodiness and emotional turbulence can feel like a distraction to Libra who prefers to focus on philosophical concepts and academic conversations. Libra, who craves balance, may also feel that Cancer's wild mood swings throw an uncomfortable, imbalanced energy into their life.

In contrast, Cancer may feel unsupported by their lover's lack of emotional sharing and interpret that as rejection. Cancer will likely feel unfulfilled with the Libra approach to life, and feel as though the relationship is lacking a necessary spark of life.


Feeling and thinking are two different things. Unfortunately Cancer and Libra two relate to each other from completely different centers. It will take a lot of work for this astrology compatibility match to survive.

Unless Libra is willing to expose their vulnerable side and relate to their lover on an emotional level, this union is unlikely to be sustainable in the long run. In turn, Cancer must learn to express their emotions and thoughts clearly, so their partner will be aware of them. More than any other sign in the zodiac, Libras are not mind readers. If Cancer can be clear and concise about their needs and Libra can be more heart-centered, these two have a chance (with a lot of work) for succeeding together.


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