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A Cancer and Leo compatibility match can be a steamy love affair. This water sign and fire sign combo do very well in matters of the heart, despite being elemental opposites. Read on for details.

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Having the Sun and Moon as their respective natural rulers, both Leo and Cancer can surprisingly match up better than other fire-water sign combinations. Astrology compatibility for Cancer and Leo is higher because of a little help from the most recognized and spoken about heavenly bodies (the sun and the moon).

Both individuals value loyalty, integrity in a mate and possess strong family values. Once an emotional bond is forged, astrology compatibility shows both are likely to stay committed in the union although Leo has a higher tendency of the two to stray.

Cancer is essentially an introverted sign and inclined to stay in the background whereas Leo needs to be in the limelight with accolades and approval from others. This situation works out perfectle for both signs. Cancer is able to stand behind their boisterous Leo and in turn Leo is able to stay in the spotlight they crave.


Life can be steamy for these two. It's not just an initial attraction that fizzles out over time. The sexual chemistry between Leo and Cancer can stay hot for many years.

This is due to the Crab valuing stability and certainty in a relationship and the Lion craving to be first priority in their mate's life.

As a result Cancer has an innate desire to please, and Leo shines as a result of soaking up all that attention. The end result of these two personality traits is that they each have a tremendous capacity for sensual intimacy together and possess a great desire to please each other.


If Leo can moderate their fiery temperament and Cancer can keep their emotions in check, a Leo and Cancer astrology compatibility match is positive.

As long as Cancer is careful not to dampen Leo's fiery idealism and spirit and Leo is careful not to come on too aggressively or recklessly and hurt Cancer's feelings, these two have a rather good chance of sorting out their inherent differences.

It helps further if one or both of them have inherited some influence from the other's chart, since they are next to each other on the zodiac wheel.


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