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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Cancer and Capricorn compatibility match can be tough but workable. Read further to see how an emotionally driven water sign and a practically motivated earth sign fare in relationships together.

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In astrology compatibility for Capricorn and Cancer (the sign), being opposites on the zodiac wheel means that these two have conflicting goals and inner drives, yet are irresistibly drawn towards each other because of the polarity in their natures.

Sparks are likely to fly when these two meet, and that initial chemistry as a strong chance of turning into a lasting love.

Cancer and Capricorn share similarities in their desire for financial independence and emotional security and stability. Astrology compatibility shows both are cardinal signs, indicating that they possess the ability to initiate and bring their goals into fruition. Both are also loyal individuals who place great emphasis on values such as integrity, honesty and trust in a committed relationship.

Nevertheless, Cancer is essentially an emotionally driven sign which displays a more needy vulnerability in relationships, which is not always easily understood by pragmatic Capricorn, who tends to relate more with the tangible, material realm of things.

The apparent lack of warmth and emotional sensitivity portrayed by Capricorn may cause Cancer to feel unappreciated or neglected at times. Nevertheless, the Goat could very well benefit from this union as Cancer can teach them to open up to the feeling realm and tap into their innermost emotions. In return, solid, responsible Capricorn can help to ground Cancer's moodiness and insecurity issues.


These two signs share a lot of similarites. Both crave security, loyalty and committment. They also share traditional values towards life and living. The differences between these two signs are centered on their different methods of handling emotions.

With Capricorns distance and Cancers emotional neediness, fights between these two lovers are sure to be based around this emotional conflict.

As long as both signs are willing to compromise, adjust and meet each other halfway, there is a better than average chance of astrology compatibility for Capricorn and Cancer. In the long run, a pairing of these two signs could be very satisfying and comfortable.


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