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Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

A Cancer and Cancer combo is one of the best zodiac matches for cancer signs. There is long-term potential for these two to become life partners. Find out how these two matching water signs make it work.

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Being the same Moon-ruled natives means that these two naturally share a deep mutual understanding and rapport with their sensitivity and vulnerability in emotional matters. They instinctively feel what their partner needs, making this a highly compatible pairing and one of the best love matches for cancer.

A Cancer and Cancer compatibility love match is workable because both are nurturing, caring individuals who place great emphasis on family history, traditional values and the nostalgic past. Being security-minded individuals, values such as commitment and loyalty are of utmost importance and they are almost reluctant to leave a union once the emotional connection has been firmly forged.

Because they are so sensitive and empathetic to each other's feelings, a double Cancer love sign match will be smooth as neither will do anything to sabotage the balance and stability in this pairing. Cancer is the most domesticated sign of the zodiac and both these individuals have a natural maternal streak and devotion to family matters and commitments.

While the male Cancer is inclined to be the giver in this union, the female Cancer is likely to assume the motherly role for both her partner and family. It is a match of traditional values.


Astrology compatibility would indicate that if both individuals are able to temper their many mood swings and excessive emotional reactions, this union is a very good love match that is likely to stand the test of time and tribulations.

The one issue to pay attention to is the potential for both partners to be so moody. Learn to give each other a little space when mood swings hit, that way one partner won't drag the other one down into depression.


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