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A Cancer and Aquarius compatibility match is usually not the best idea when it comes to romance. Keep reading for further understanding of how this water sign and air sign get along.

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Love compatibility for Aquarius and Cancer can be a bit of an awkward combination. Coming from such vastly different perspectives, both Cancer and Aquarius are drastically different in temperament and have different outlook in life.

Aquarius is essentially an independent, freedom-loving, free-wheeling zodiac sign that is highly unpredictable, erratic and unconventional in personality. This is in sharp contrast to the Cancer individual, who is essentially a domesticated traditionalist at heart who needs commitment and loyalty from a mate in order to feel emotionally secure.

The Water Bearer's emotional aloofness and detachment won't sit well with the Crab, who tends to interpret it as a sign of rejection. Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is not exactly the most blessed union.

While Aquarius thrives on change and unconventionality, Cancer is fixated on the things they value in life and is prone to cling to the norm and avoid changes. In contrast Aquarius' tendency to intellectualize emotions and remain emotionally distant won't be easily understood by Cancer, who lives through the feeling realm and is easily swayed by the emotions.

Astrological compatibility for these two signs lends itself more to friendship than romantic relationship. Unless there are more harmonious aspects from each other's chart, this pairing is unlikely to make it for the long haul as lots of mutual patience, respect and understanding is required.


To make a union of these two zodiac signs work, both partners will need to be committed. Aquarius must learn to be more emotionally available and Cancer must learn to accept and love the eccentricities of their unconvential lover.


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