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Energy Healing Business and Career Advice. Learn how to Create Success and Prosperity.

Build your Energy Healing Business with these tips and tricks. You deserve success in your life. You deserve a career that fulfills you. You deserve to have a successful energy healing business that allows you to help others and live comfortably at the same time. You can see your healing practice blossom into a profitable, spiritually aligned business by following a few simple steps.

Have you been trying to figure out how to align your desire for a fulfilling career with the realities of your present life situation? There are some simple steps for getting started.

Our Story: I'm Tanja and my partner and the other writer of this website is Patrick. We've both been doing energy healing, crystal work, chakra balancing, sound healing, and Reiki for many years. We got started with crystals about twenty years ago, have been practicing energy healing methods for about fifteen years, and have been Reiki Masters for twelve years.

We've learned through lots of trial and error what it takes to have a successful alternative healing practice. We want to share what we've discovered, so that you can develop your healing practice into a profitable full-time career of your dreams.

The build your energy healing business section is growing, and will eventually be a large hub of information. Right now, read the first article in the build your healing practice series about choosing the best place to meet with clients based on your business goals, check out the pricing guide, or skip down to the tips shared by other readers.


Your Energy Healing Space: The first thing to consider when starting a therapeutic practice, is where will you meet with clients. This page reviews all of the options from having a healing room at home, to renting an office space, sharing space with other practitioners, and working out of existing new age stores and healing centers. Check this page out for a review of the pros and cons of each available option.

Energy Healing Business Pricing Tips: This handy guide will walk you through the process of setting your fees. It's applicable for alternative therapy practitioners, massage therapists, readers, psychics, and intuitive counselors. It also includes handy guides for when to offer discounts, how to maintain your pricing integrity and still offer a lower price, and looks at the particulars of your practice to set your final price.

Energy Healing Business Success Tips: Read some of the great tips that our community of healers have shared on growing an energy healing practice. If you've got some great ideas of your own, share them too! The energy healing community is a community. Communities come together, grow together, and share what works for them.

Upcoming topics will include Spiritual Marketing Tips and Tricks, Branding your Healing Practice, Getting Clients through Workshops and Healing Events, and Who Needs a Business Card?: Why Sales Materials are Important to your Practice.


Main Holistic Marketing and Careers section...

Choosing the Right Holistic Business:
Aromatherapy Certification
(more coming soon)

Holistic Marketing Guide for your Business:
Creating a Holistic Office Space
Feng Shui Decorating Tips for a Healing Office
Practitioner Pricing Tips
Business Success Tips

Holistic Internet Marketing Guide 4 Part Series:
Holistic Internet Marketing
Holistic Website Optimizing
Holistic Web Page Marketing What Not to Do
Holistic Web Page Marketing What to Do

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