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Bija Mantras and Chanting Practices for Balancing the 7 Chakras.

The Bija Mantras, also often called bij mantra, beej mantra, and seed mantras, are ancient healing mantras that associate with the chakra system. They come to us from the Hindu culture.

We first learned about the bija mantras from Dr. Mitchell Gaynor's book, The Healing Power of Sound. The bija mantras, are seven Sanskrit words that correspond to the seven main chakras in the body.

By chanting them, even once per day, a person is activating their chakra system, energizing it, balancing it, and clearing out blockages in it. They are a powerful practice. The first five are pronounced with a long a similar to ahhhhh. Om is pronounced like home. All is pronounced like fall.

bija mantras


1st CHAKRA: Root: Lam (Laaammm)

2nd CHAKRA: Sacral: Vam (Vaaaaamm)

3rd CHAKRA: Solar: Ram (Raaammm)

4th CHAKRA: Heart: Yam (Yaaammm)

5th CHAKRA: Throat: Ham(Haaammm)

6th CHAKRA: Third Eye: OM(Oooomm)

7th CHAKRA: Crown: All (Aaaaallllll)

Doing the bija mantras everyday will have a transformative effect on every aspect of your life. We suggest giving it a try for a few months and seeing what a difference they can make! Do it before your daily meditation and you'll really see a major change. Or combine it with your existing energy healing work, and see how much more powerful it becomes.

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