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Arthritis and Energy Healing

I've been down for 2 years after a hysterectomy but the surgery is not the reason why. After about 3 months my entire spine and back and all muscles began to become very stiff and inflamed so that I couldn't even be massaged.

Anyways after spending about 12 months collapsed in bed, severely weak and able to only walk to the bathroom, I've had over 100 treatments of chiropractic acupuncture and massage and I went to a number of energy healers from QuiGong to hands on to distance healers.

After spending thousands of dollars I am still not well. Of course I wear gemstones, I picture chakra colors, I listen to crystal bowls and I do toning and I do meditations daily and have a massage jade bed. Last week a new healer began working, who says it is a very strong arthritis.

After 10 sessions, she is expecting me now to take sessions and pay daily. She explains what is happening in the inner energies and then applies this type of pressure that she has them slowly obeying her to leave and under control but if I take a break then the condition will return.

Very convincingly she has me paying for more sessions that I must "hurry" to get. She also claims that most healers will not attempt this particular strain.

I really would love to find a healer who can correct this "energetically" in one session. I have read about these types of spontaneous healings hundreds or thousands of times and believe it happens, especially in this day and age more so since we are becoming enlightened. Why not to me?

Answer: Hello. I sense some bitterness or uneasiness on your part about the daily sessions you are currently doing. What I want you to do is tap into your intuition and "feel" whether this treatment is helping you. You should feel one way or the other if you should continue doing treatments with this healer.

There are unscrupulous healers in the world (I have met a few). I am not saying the person you are going to is unscrupulous, but since you have hesitation about paying for daily sessions, and yet you are still doing so, it is important to check and see if this is a factor.

When a person is feeling very ill, there is a tendency to grasp at many different methods to see what can help relieve the symptoms. I know pain. Pain is soooo present. It keeps you in the moment, trying desperately just to feel better.

Here are my intuitions and questions for you:

1) Have you been diagnosed with arthritis? Are you being treated by a doctor? Proper diagnosis can be very important if you are facing a serious health concern.

2) Have you looked into natural arthritis supplements? Glucosamine Chondroitin is very well known and many people experience beneficial results from it. (Also, magnesium is incredible for muscle cramping and tight muscles.)

3) Have you changed your diet to avoid acidic foods that aggravate arthritis such as tomatoes and coffee? Are you eating a healing diet (predominantly organic raw fruits and vegetables)?

On to the spiritual and energetic levels.

4) Do you fear change? Arthritis is often brought on by not wanting to move forward. Being "stuck" in the past. Do you need to make some serious changes in your life, but the illness is making it easier to ignore?

5) There are examples of spontaneous healings. There are also examples of people slowly coming back to a state of health, with layers of imbalance slowly peeling away. If you are serious about a spontaneous healing, contact the author Caroline Myss. She is a medical intuitive. She used to do private sessions, she may still but her fee is likely to be high.

6) Spontaneous healings are less common. What is more common is a series of slow healings that culminate in one final healing moment. Here is a visualization that I find extremely effective. Go to a "healing room" on the ethereal plane. Ask for a healing. Allow the angels and spirits in this room to do hands on healing for you. Do this every night before going to bed. At the same time, do healing work on yourself. I have had amazing experiences with this visualiztion.

Your situation is complex. Without more information it is difficult to mention any specifics. If you want, answer the questions I've asked, and I'll offer more intuitions.

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Apr 07, 2011
It may be the virus
by: Anonymous

I saw you mentioned a bio-feedback device found you may have an arthritis producing virus. First I suspect the tool they used was a radionics device. They just gave it some other fancy name for marketing.

Energy healing may not be the most direct path for you. You could try looking up david wolfe's talks on calcium and calcium forming organisms. It sounds like you make have some. They are pretty tricky to get rid of. Zeolite is a first step.

Mar 23, 2011
Fibromyalgia vs. Arthritis
by: Anonymous

It sounds more like she has Fibromyalgia. It's something she should definately look into. Many times it's misdiagnosed as arthritis or other similar illnesses. I was diagnosed in 1993, but have actually had flare up's prior to that most of my life. Since '93 it's been constant. I'm now finally doing much better after making some very difficult life changes and seperating myself from toxic relationships, etc. I now believe I will be healthy someday. PLEASE, find a doctor who believes it's a real illness and "not in your over-emotional head". Even then, it will be up to the person to go within and deal with all the emotional's a very hard and long road for some, but the quicker you face the "uglies" and get rid of them, the quicker you begin to see improvement. Blessings and much light.

Sep 23, 2010
Response to Anonymous
by: Tanja from Energy Healing Info

It is a powerful step to recognize negative thought patterns within yourself. Be proud of yourself because you've taken this first step.

On the Physical: Your response didn't mention whether you were implementing arthritis diet foods and arthritis supplements. I highly recommend this for the initial stage of your healing.

On the Spiritual: You mention that many of your negative feelings come from feeling stopped" by others. Are they still in your life or are these old emotional wounds from childhood?

If these people are still in your life:
1) Have a Sit Down and tell them things have to change. Express how they are making you feel. Even if they don't change, expressing your emotions will work to rebalance your own emotional situation.

2) If they aren't willing to change, you change. Change the dynamics of your relationship with them. No longer "allow" them to "stop" you. This can be done by changing how you interact with them. You can't change them. But you can change yourself. If they say something negative, you in turn say, "I don't want to hear you talking this way. Please stop or I'll have to end this conversation."

3) If they aren't willing to change, and they are affecting you tremendously, consider removing them from your life. Consider this energy healing technique.

If these people are no longer in your life:
1) Release the emotional wounds you are storing within yourself.

2) Use rose quartz to give yourself unconditional self love and crystal singing bowls to rebalance your energies.

Please let me know how it goes for you. I would love to hear an update. -Tanja

Aug 16, 2010
thank you for your responses
by: Anonymous

I deeply appreciate all your offerings. I will try to elaborate a bit. I have been to Quantum Bio feedback type computer programs which suggested some unusual type of viruses they say that can cause arthritic conditions and to stay away from negative emotions and then it wouldn't activate.

I now see that I have been negative a lot of my life and now am changing but I suppose the old negative may be trapped in cells and that is what I am deeply wishing and attempting to release.

I have been visualizing and working on my past thoughts and negative emotions and intending to clear through forgiving others and myself. I will continue your suggestion since mine is a complex case and many subtleties I guess are intertwined.

As far as letting go of something I have been doing my best to let go of all the harmful memories and incidents I have experienced. The only thing that comes to mind is being forbidden, not allowed and literally stopped by others and it feels like also stopped by the Universe from living the life I've desired.

I know the concept of "no one can actually stop me" but people were instrumental in preventing things I was working on from happening no matter how strongly I tried to make things work. So I feel "stopped" and like the walls have closed in because this "stopping Me" thing has appeared all around. As a youngster I flew in my dreams and knew i can make and do anything here and yet....the opposite has been happening.

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