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An Aries Woman in Love can be a bold spark of fire. Do you have what it takes to catch her eye? Or keep her in your life once she's smitten? Read on for insights into what makes an aries woman stick around:

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aries woman in love

The Aries woman is a born leader, highly energetic and competitive in temperament. She often jumps into action first and thinks later. Being a female under the most masculine sign is not easy. Although she is passionate and courageous, she needs new challenges to spark her interest but is often disappointed by the choices she makes.

She has a wild romantic streak and craves for an equally exciting man to sweep her off her feet. She can be so in love with the idea of romantic love that she falls in and out of love with the speed of a bullet train. She is easily infatuated and tends to take things at face value.

When her passion takes over momentarily, she loses all rationality and is blind to all kinds of warning signals. She sometimes looks for love in the wrong places and can have great difficulty in telling about romantic idealism and realistic expectations. She has to learn to slow down and take her time to choose a suitable mate wisely.

By taking more responsibility in the choices she makes and discarding her rose-colored lenses when assessing the big picture, she can make better choices in a match. Her all-or-nothing approach during courtship and in matters of the heart means lots of impulsive decisions and broken hearts, hers and his.


She can easily be caught up in disillusionment and want to move on to the next best thing. It's your job to keep her intrigued. She's looking for Romeo, a strong man, not necessarily physically strong, but strength of character, personal willpower and determination. She needs a man who can be her match in a head-butting competition, in a debate and in bed. Show her your strength and she'll be at your side for eternity. Show her even a hint of weakness and the door will be swinging shut behind her before you've blinked an eye.

The aries woman in love has one major weakness, a streak of selfishness. You might find her distracted by her own life and ambitions, losing track of the leading man in her life. She can completely ignore the feelings of her mate without even realizing it. It's your job to keep her attention on you, and there's no better way than to be larger than life. You'll need to be to succeed with this tempermental sign. It's worth the energy though. An aries woman being a fire sign, will keep life spicy and fiery. The only boredom you'll have is when she's away from you!

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