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An Aries Man in Love can be full of passion and fire. Do you know how to tame this fire sign long enough to catch his heart? Read on to discover the secrets of what makes an Aries man stick around....

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aries man in love

The Aries man is energy personified in the form of a wild and restless warrior who is always looking to set off on his next conquest. He is a charismatic, ambitious and determined individual who rushes in where angels fear to tread. He lives for the thrill of the chase but gets bored easily when the object of his affections has succumbed to his charms. Initiation is his forte but staying power is not. He loves passion but is prone to love at first sight and is capable of being entangled in many messy emotional situations involving different women, all at the same time! He gravitates strongly towards the superficial and always has a weakness for a pretty face.


Less mature Aries men want to satisfy their immediate ego needs and can be notorious womanizers. What remains relatively unknown is that this fire sign actually has a fragile ego that needs a lot of stroking. The Aries man learns to make smarter choices only when he has finally outgrown his self-centered ways and needs for instant ego gratification. When he finally gets that the world doesn't revolve around him and his needs, he can open up to the possibility of merging with another's energies. He has to learn that ultimately, there is a heavy price to pay for non-committal flings in the long run at the expense of his emotional well-being. Being conscious and fully aware of his own actions will help him become more mature and sensitive to the needs of his partner.

To catch the eye of an Aries man, let him see your strength. He's looking for a strong woman who won't be shy and demure. In true fire sign style, he needs a partner fiery enough to keep up with him, so show him your true sassy nature! Once you've caught him, an Aries man in love will still be impulsive. That impulsiveness can have him jumping ship the moment things seem difficult. You've got the tricky job of keeping him intrigued and letting him know you're worth a long-term committment.

The aries man in love has one big weakness, a streak of selfishness. You may see him distracted by his own ambitions, losing track of the leading lady in his life. It's your job to keep his attention squarely on you, and there's no better way than to be larger than life. It's worth it in the long run. An aries man will keep life fiery and spicy both in the bedroom and out of it.

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