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Are Aries and Virgo compatible astrologically? A Virgo and Aries compatibility love match can be a bit arduous, but if you're committed you can make it work. Read on for more in depth information about this fire sign and earth sign love combo.

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aries compatibility astrology compatibility aries and virgo


When these two come together, astrology compatibility indicates that they'll be likely to clash due to the basic differences in their makeup. Although both strive for honesty and truth in their relationships, the ways they go about expressing it differ.

Aries is impulsive, ruled by their emotions of the moment and as a result quick to react to situations, whereas Virgo likes to weigh up the possibilities of a situation rather than plunging straight into action. Virgo needs time to process information and make decisions using logic and rationalization before coming to a conclusion. This creates a bit of a timing issue for the Virgo Aries relationship.

Being so headstrong and ego-driven, Aries is likely to override a Virgo's needs and emotions. Virgo's prefectionistic tendencies (resulting in criticism towards others at times) is likely to irritate the free-spirited Aries nature.

The ram who needs constant adulation, encouragement and support from a mate is likely to feel unappreciated by Virgo, whose perfectionism and over-critical characteristics can be a dampener on Aries' zest and enthusiasm for life.

Astrology compatibility just isn't in the stars for these two. The combo often creates feelings of rejection and insecurity on both sides.


Despite these difficulties there is some common ground. Both have a predisposition towards physical activities, and they are able to find some common ground in the form of outdoor pursuits and activities beneficial to health.

Unless more harmonious aspects are found in each other's chart, both of them need to make numerous adjustments to make this relationship work. Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointment and frustration in this astrological love match.


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