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An Aries and Taurus relationship can be a bit challenging. Find out how this fire sign and earth sign fare in the long run...

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When Taurus and Aries come together, astrological compatibility will cause an initial attraction. This is because these two signs both have qualities in which the other is lacking. Aries will be attracted to the nurturing, strength and comfort that the earthy Taurus provides. Taurus on the other hand will find Aries to be a breath of fresh air to an otherwise grounded and steady routine lifestyle.

A Taurus and Aries relationship will start off solid, but strong differences between their personalities will quickly emerge.

The Ram is generally enthusiastic, assertive and energetic, which Taurus finds appealing. However, compatibility for Taurus and Aries can go downhill pretty quickly when Aries, who possesses a thirst for new challenges, realizes that Taurus is unable to provide the unpredictability and excitement they crave in a relationship.

The Bull is possessive and stubborn by nature and can become too complacent and rigid once settled into a routine. Frustration can result on both sides as Aries feels bored and Taurus feels their routines threatened.


As many individuals have some prominent influence from the neighboring Sun sign's traits, an Aries Taurus compatibility has a better chance if they have more influence incorporated into their own personality via influence from each other's sign. Alternatively, the relationship has a better chance of working out if they learn to appreciate each other's positive qualities.

The fiery Aries sign will need to learn to appreciate the foundation that their Taurus provides, without feeling stifled by it.

In turn the Taurus will need to understand that their partner needs space, freedom and creativity in their lives.

If both lovers are able to meet in the middle, this pairing has a chance of success, but it will take some work to achieve it.


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