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An Aries and Scorpio compatible astrology love match can be powerful or turbulent. But the big question is, will a Scorpio and Aries last? Read on for more information about how this strong willed fire sign and this intense water sign fare in a relationship.

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With Mars as a ruler and co-ruler for both signs, Scorpio compatibility with Aries lends itself to a powerful initial attraction. Aries will be attracted to the deep, sensuality of Scorpio, whereas Scorpio gravitates towards Aries' assertive, commanding and powerful presence as well.

Compatibility between an Aries Scorpio combo may seem to have all the potential of a passionate love affair but the inherent differences that exist between the two will eventually culminate in tension and temper outbursts. Scorpio's seething intensity, secretive, controlling jealous nature will eventually overwhelm and suffocate Aries, who needs a lot of freedom, space and stimulating challenges.


Although physical intimacy is strong in this pairing, Scorpio may use sex as a means of control in the relationship. Aries is unable to provide the commitment and emotional consistency which Scorpio craves and will soon start to hanker for freedom outside the relationship. Aries and Scorpio compatibility is challenged by these factors.

The independence of Aries doesn't mesh well with the brooding intensity of Scorpio, unless there are other more compatible contacts between both parties charts to counteract the inherent differences in temperament.

The relationship can work if both partners take some time to learn about the differences between these two astrological signs. Aries needs to be more open about their emotions with their lover and Scorpio needs to understand that their partners need for space is nothing to be jealous of.


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