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An Aries and Sagittarius compatibility match can be very free-spirited, upbeat and energetic. Continue reading for how these two fire signs are likely to get along in matters of the heart.

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aries compatibility astrology compatibility aries and sagittarius


Because these fire signs embrace freedom, independence, and a love of new experiences, they share a similar sense of buoyant optimism and are enthusiastic about enjoying life to the fullest. Astrology compatibility is likely with the strong mutual understanding between these two as they are open-minded and honest with each other and neither is likely to encroach on the other's space and privacy.

Both Sagittarius and Aries love new challenges and dislike boundaries which restrict their need for freedom. This can be a great benefit for Sagittarius and Aries compatibility matches. Of the two, Sagittarius is more fond of adventure and intellectual stimulation. This will keep Aries constantly on their toes, and this pairing may very well end up globe-trotting together during their free time.

With both living for the moment and having the tendency to rush headlong into situations where angels fear to tread, a long term relationship between these two will need a common understanding about boundaries and freedom. As long as the discussion is broached, there won't be any misunderstandings about the future.


Both have a phobia towards commitment and a casual arrangement may suit them just fine for a very long time. That won't mean they aren't devoted to one another, just that they both appreciate a bit of freedom and space.

All in all, this dual fire sign combo makes a great astrology love match. There will be sizzing fire in the bedroom, freedom in daily life, and new adventures beyond every horizon.


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