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An Aries and Pisces compatibility match can be a strong match as long as both partners avoid a few pitfalls. Keep reading for how this fire sign and water sign match typically get along.

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Pisces and Aries can be a surprisingly good match in astrology compatibility if they are able to work through the innate differences that exist in their characters. Because both signs share a love for adventure and excitement (Pisces in a more subtle way), they can indulge in spiritual and creative pursuits instead of being bogged down by mundane routine in life.

Aries may be initially attracted to the sensitive, giving, empathetic traits of Pisces. These tend to be rather appealing to the emotional Ram. How compatibility for Aries and Pisces will turn out largely depends on several factors...


As long as Pisces isn't overly sensitive or co-dependent, this pairing could actually be quite rewarding. Pisces will be attracted to the confidence and enthusiasm for life that Aries shows, while the Ram will gravitate towards the idealistic, romantic and mysterious magnetism exerted by Pisces.

To make this relationship work Pisces must be able to identify healthy relationship boundaries and not fall prey to the tendency for getting lost in dreaminess, fantasy and illusion.

Aries on the other hand must subdue a need for dominance and an impulsiveness that can be hard for their gentle and borderline submissive Piscean partner to handle.

These two can learn a lot from each other in a relationship and the pairing can be quite good.... as long as Pisces understands that their Aries needs space from time to time and as long as Aries is able to resist from running over their more subdued partner's needs.


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