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An Aries and Libra compatibility love match is likely to be rocky. Read on for a detailed explanation of how this fire sign and air sign get along in matters of the heart.

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Do Aries Libra make a good match? It's a difficult pairing...

In atrology compatibility, like all opposite signs, Libra and Aries may be fatally attracted to each other initially but the differences may prove to be too great to work out in the long term.

Libra is a relationship-oriented sign and will often go to great lengths just to be with someone. Being an idealistic sign which craves balance and harmony in relationships, Libra wants to please and is likely to put their partners on a pedestal.

This sits well with Aries need for appreciation, but can also drive an Aries away if the Libra partner is too clingy. The fiery nature of Aries needs spontaneity, creativity and change.

Initially, Libra will be attracted to the charms and childlike innocence of Aries, but the Aries self-centered ways may be too much for a Libra to handle in the long run. The hot-tempered and impulsive nature of Aries will not fit into Libra's image of a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

On the other hand, while Aries may be initially attracted to Libra's natural charms and refined manners, the indecisiveness and superficiality of Libra can drive a wedge between them.


Unless there are more complementary contacts between the two charts to ease the inherent opposing differences and conflicts, according to astrology compatibility, this is a union that rarely makes it for the long haul.

To make this Aries and Leo compatibility union succeed requires lots of mutual patience, understanding and respect from both partners. The inherent differences are strong, but if you are in a libra and aries relationship already, and want it to succeed, you can learn from astrology what each others hot buttons are and avoid them.


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