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Do Aries and Leo make a good couple? There's a lot of fire and sizzle when these two fire signs hook up, but is it a short term fling or is there a possibility for long lasting love? Find out how this double-fire astrological match pairs up.

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Do aries and leo make a good couple? Astrologically speaking, yes...

This is a compatible and comfortable pairing as Leo is likely to sweep Aries off their feet with lots of charm, charisma and passion. Aries in turn will provide the excitement and dynamic energies that a Leo needs to keep from feeling bored.

This is likely to be a happy, fun-loving union. Since both signs are out-going social creatures, there will be lots of socializing, friends and parties in their future.

It's not all light-hearted fun and games though. Both leo and aries have their serious sides and need a challenge in life to feel inspired. Together they can meet new challenges in life, and achieve more as a couple than they could seperately. Since creativity is important for both, life will continue to be ever-changing and full of surprises.

They require a certain degree of strength and solidarity from each other and both are willing to do just that. Because their codes of behavior, ethics and morals are so similar, there is general good mutual rapport, respect and understanding in this partnership.

Even though Aries are more emotionally idealistic than Leo, they both carry a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to each other. This is provided that both don't try to overshadow each other's success or need for approval and keeping their idealistic natures in balance with the practical side of life.


Who's right? I'm right!

There can be a bit of bickering between these two fire signs as they both strive to achieve dominance in the relationship. Both signs must learn to "give" just a little, and recognize that their partner is just as strong, motivated, and intelligent as they are.

By keeping their egos in checks, they can sustain an exciting and rewarding relationship, in which the flames of love and passion will be able to last the distance.


Both are enthusiastic Fire signs whose need for approval is very strong. Since they both seek approval, they will be able to provide it for each other, offering the encouragement and support each partner needs as they journey through life.

Additionally, their ability to give each other a little space is very important, as an Aries will hightail it out the door the moment they feel a glimpse of neediness from their lover. Leo's independence and Aries strong will work together to create just enough closeness and distance at the same time.


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