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An Aries and Gemini astrological match makes a confident, ambitious team with plenty of sizzle. Read on to find out the upsides and downsides to this charismatic and flirtatious pairing:

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A Gemini and Aries love match proves that fire and air can be a sexy, rollicking romp. These two often start off as fast friends before a romance blossoms. There may be lots of harmless flirtation between them, but neither sign typically takes this too seriously as they are both shameless flirts. Then one day they both notice each other in a brand new light and boom, air stokes the fire and flames are created.

Because both sings aren't possessive, needy or clingy they make free-spirited partners who won't hold each other back. Both the Aries fire sign and the Gemini air sign share an innate love for adventure, excitement, variety, and an enthusiastic approach to life. This means they can easily create a lively and entertaining relationship which doesn't lack spontaneity.

They often give each other ample space and freedom to do his/her own thing which is important for the happiness of both these signs. Their romance is also a friendship based on mutual ideas, interests and respect for one another.


There are many strengths to this combination of Zodiac signs. Being a social communicative mutable sign, Gemini is exceedingly adaptable to whimsical Aries' changeability. Gemini provides Aries with the stimulation and impulsive nature that it's partner requires, while the Ram is able to turn up the heat and warm the heart of Gemini.

The one difficulty this pairing often encounters is the differences between how they handle feelings and emotions. Aries is a spit-fire who frequently speaks before thinking, allowing all of his/her emotions to hang out for everyone to see. Gemini however, often tends to cringe at any emotional displays and may find this aspect of Aries impulsiveness uncomfortable to handle.

More often than this, a match may not last simply due to the fact that both signs are less interested in settling down than living in the moment. However, they have a lot of fun in the moment. Sometimes they may be having so much fun they realize fifty years has passed and they accidentally landed in a committed relationship!

This casual approach to love is very much in character for these two signs. Not that their feelings for a partner are not as intense as other signs, simply that it can take them a long time to realize when those feelings have deepened. Once they do, this partnership can stand the test of time with grace, style and a healthy dose of sizzle.


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