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An Aries and Cancer astrological match can pose some challenges. Read on to discover how to make this fire and water partnership last:

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A Cancer and Aries union can be tricky to navigate. At first glance, these two astrological signs don't seem to have much in common. Emotional and moody Cancer is a sensitive, domesticated sign that is closely tied to family life. Aries on the other hand is raw power and passion, with a strong drive and fiery nature. Aries needs it's freedom while Cancer prefers to spend their life up close and cozy with their partner. The clingy traits and neediness exerted by Cancer can be too much for Aries to handle, who need the freedom of a wide range of experiences. Aries can tend to feel stifled and claustrophobic in the type of relationship that a Cancer craves.

With the constant flow of emotions and moodiness running high beneath the surface, Cancer can easily get on the nerves of Aries, who can be too insensitive for the complex and emotional nature of Cancer. Not that Aries aren't emotional as well. They are, but their feelings tend to come in dramatic displays unlike the quiet rivers running through a Cancer. Those dramatic outbursts can cause Cancer to run the other way as well. For even though they are the most feelings-driven sign of the Zodiac, their feelings aren't often displayed as loudly and impulsively as an Aries.

Aries usually has trouble with the level of commitment that a Cancer needs to feel satisfied. The water sign innately gravitates towards long-term security, stability and emotional commitment in a marriage. Aries on the other hand can often be self-absorbed and lose themselves in a project for weeks or months at a time, looking up on occasion to realize they still have a lover in their life. Aries lack of focus on their partner works well with other freedom loving signs, but for Cancer who craves constant attention this inattention can feel like abandonment.

Even if there's an initial attraction between the two, the Ram is likely to become bored and frustrated with Cancer's insecurities and co-dependency tendencies. Behind closed doors, the gentle flowing waters of Cancer can dampen Aries' zest for sexual excitement and exploration. Aries fiery and passionate flames can be extinguished by the more sensitive and romantic inclinations of Cancer, who may in turn be too timid for the dramatic bedroom antics of this fire sign.


To keep an Cancer and Aries love match strong, the Cancer partner may need to learn to give their fiery mate a longer leash. Aries wants to feel free, and will often have strong pursuits in work or hobbies that take their time. If Cancer can give their partner the freedom to be a strong, independent person the match has a better chance of succeeding. In turn, Aries may need to learn to moderate their impulsive nature. Though Aries are very brazen with their displays of affection, their Cancer partner will need more steady streams of attention. An Aries must also learn to not overwhelm the more docile water sign, and share decision making with their partner. This is a difficult astrological combination for love, but with persistence, patience, and the willingness to compromise it could be a grand union. At it's best Cancer's tempered nature will cool Aries sometimes destructive impulsiveness down. In turn Aries fire and drive can get Cancer motivated to achieve more in life.


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