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An Aries and Aries astrology compatibility match can be a burning, passionate love affair. Read on to discover how to make a dual-fire sign combo work:

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When two Aries get together, sparks don't just fly, they ignite and turn into a brushfire. This astrological combination is a mixture of fire and burning passion. When these dual fire signs pair up they will find their lives filled with impulsive adventures, steamy nights and endless fun.

Unfortunately, because both crave so much attention and recognition these two rams will usually butt heads as there is only enough room for one ego in any Aries pairing.

Both want to be first to win the race so there is hardly any compromise, and this can be a downfall for the pairing as they battle for who comes out on top. There will certainly be sparks flying initially but both being headstrong and self-centered, the sparks often seem less important than their inability to compromise with one another.

With their impulsive natures, and need for instant gratification they may not have the stamina and staying power to make this union last.

Unless they can learn to curb or control their impulsiveness and self-absorption tendencies, two rams can find it difficult to build a sustaining union for the long haul. If either of them has a more nurturing Moon placement, they can lend more empathy to the relationship and it will have a better chance at success.

On the other hand, in the bedroom this pair will light up the night. As both are good sexual initiators who aren't bashful about making the first move, there will be no lack of uninhibited passion behind closed doors. You'll find these two lighting blazes constantly.


An Aries/Aries combo does have certain strengths. They will both be very communicative and emotionally expressive, which is something they both require from a partner. They will always speak their mind and there won't be any secrets between them.

Two rams will be able to take the sometimes loud and messy display of emotions that this fire sign is known for, and even though there may be arguments, both are extremely quick to forgive. You'll find them engaged in a lover's spat one moment, and making it up with expressions of mutual love and adoration the next moment. They will also be able to find the affection they need in each other, as this sign is very demonstrative of it's emotional states.

The weakest feature of this match is related to it's strength: their strong emotions, impulsive natures, and inability to be wrong. If they can find a balance with one another, it will come from their ability to be honest with a partner, and from learning to have a little empathy for their lover.

At its best an Aries and Aries astrology love match will have two incredibly powerful fire signs working in unison to create a life together. They will be able to blaze their way towards their goals in life and the only fear is for those who accidentally get in the way!

A double Aries astrology compatibility match isn't doomed from the start, but it is a trickier love match than some others. Both partners will need to be committed to the relationship long enough to work past the herculean clashes that are likely to arise in the beginning. If they can make it through the first years of blazing wills their match will be a powerful union that will put tamer partnerships to shame.


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