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An Aries and Aquarius astrology compatibility match can be an exciting, passionate affair. Read on to discover the strong and weak aspects of these freedom-loving partners:

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aries astrology compatibility astrology compatibility aries and aquarius compatibility

This fire and air sign love match will be an exciting, adventurous affair. Both Aquarius and Aries are idealistic, adventurous, optimistic individuals who value their personal freedom. This emphasis on freedom is needed by both signs, and this pairing will provide it for both. Expect a relationship of light-hearted exchanges, intellectual stimulation and lots of new frontiers being explored.

The Aquarians air sign nature will stoke the fires of Aries, keeping this pairing lively and entertaining. Don't expect many dull days or nights! There won't be much routine for these two, and life may feel a little chaotic at times. However both Aries and Aquarius thrive on this constantly moving energy, so the chaos can keep the embers of passion and love burning strong for many years to come.

Being an altruistic sign, Aquarius in particular can inspire Aries to broaden their outlook on life by sharing ideas and interest in humanitarian causes. Aries, with a tinge of selfishness in their sign, may find this aspect of their personality balancing out as their partner teaches them compassion for others.


The weakest feature of this match is the differences between how the two signs share their feelings. Aquarius is essentially an intellectual sign that processes feelings through logic and rationalization. Aquarius is not prone towards temper outbursts or excessive emotional scenes as they basically hide their emotions and vulnerability underneath a cool exterior.

Aries on the other hand tend to loudly proclaim both their adoration and their anger at any given time. They aren't known for holding anything back, and will be the first to let someone know exactly how they're feeling in the moment, whether it be smattering their love with kisses or barking about a messy coffee table.

Aquarius may feel uncomfortable with the fiery Aries emotional displays and in turn Aries may find Aquarius emotionally cold, aloof and detached, especially in matters of the heart.

To keep an Aries and Aquarius love match strong, the Aquarius partner may need to share a little more emotion with their fire sign love. In turn the Aries may need to tone themselves down at certain moments and respect their air signs need to hold back feelings. If the emotional differences of these two signs can be overcome this match can be fulfilling for both partners, offering a lot of good times, excitement, freedom and adventure.


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