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An Aquarius Woman in Love can be capricious, impulsive and difficult to read. Do you have what it takes to bring this air sign down to earth? Read on for tips to snag your Aquarius woman for good:

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aquarius woman in love

The Aquarius woman is independent and best known for her strong rebellious streak. She likes to take the off-beaten path in all aspects of life, including when it comes to love. Being born under the sign that rules humanitarianism, she is a crusader for both the underdog and underprivileged.

As an Air sign which lives primarily in the mental plane, her altruistic ideals and attitude give her the appearance of nonchalance. This objective detachment is sometimes mistaken for selfishness and snobbery and is the main reason for an Aquarius to have trouble finding relationships. Look deeper and you'll discover a sensitive, loving partner worth the time to get close to.


You'll find an Aquarius woman in love to be a faithful and loving but sometimes distant partner. That distance is strongest during the courtship period. She needs a lot of freedom, space and autonomy to do her own thing and offers the same to her partner. She will be not only your lover, but also a devoted best friend. There won't be many full-out arguments with this sign. She has a calming effect on others' emotions becuase she doesn't get personally involved in situations.

An Aquarius woman will blossom in the bedroom, but expect it to take some time. Since Aquarius women operate mainly from the intellectual plane, they are looking for someone they can connect to beautifully in the communication realms. Sexual attraction comes as a result of the deep rapport she creates with another individual. Once that connection is made, she will be spontaneous and adventurous sexually.

The aquarius woman in love has one major weakness: Because the sense of Self and Ego is generally weak in this sign, she tends to put others' interests first before her own. She is usually trusting in relationships, sometimes too trusting for her own good, as she strongly believes in the Universal goodness of everyone. A balanced Aquarius woman in love learns to incorporate more discrimination into her choices and value herself more highly. By engaging in endless self-sacrifices for her partner, she can eventually become emotionally drained and depressed. She has to learn when to draw boundaries at the appropriate time, when her own priorities and personal happiness are at stake. When she listens to her own heart and puts her self-interest before anyone else's, she will magically make the right choices in life.

To catch your Aquarius, open up to her first, share your beliefs...nothing will catch her attention quicker than a good philosophical debate. The way to her heart really is through her mind. During the initial dating period make sure to give her plenty of space and freedom. The fastest way to drive her away is through even a hint of clinging or controlling behavior. You know you've made a fast-track to her heart if you find yourself at the end of a date talking into the early hours of the morning. That's the time to let your feelings be known.


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