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An Aquarius Man in Love can be aloof and detached. Do you know how to bring this sign out of it's shell long enough to fall in love? Read on to find out what it takes to catch an Aquarius....

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aquarius man in love The Aquarius man is an eccentric, brainy intellect who usually has a large bushel of friends from all walks of life but yet appears to be a coolly detached loner at times. He operates primarily through the mental realm of the highest order and is futuristic in thinking. The love style of this sign is more detached and impersonal, rather than emotional and passionate. He theorizes feelings verbally and is generally uncomfortable with overly emotional scenes. Self-controlled and cerebral, he doesn't deal well with closeness as he values his personal space and freedom too much. As a result he can give off the feeling of being cold and emotionless.


The type of woman to attract his attention is usually a free-spirited, eccentric intellectual type that will resonate well with his energies. Without the mental stimulation and intrigue, there is no attraction on his part. The more she appears radically different and eccentric from social conventional norms, the better.

The Aquarius man in love has one big weakness, a strong streak of detachment. Because of his penchant for compartmentalization and unemotional attitudes, the Aquarius man can cut off ties completely, abruptly and never look back. He often ignores or avoids the feeling realm of himself, preferring to focus on his rational and logical thinking processes. Because he is so self-contained and cut off from others emotionally, he can find it difficult to comprehend that there are ever lessons to be learned. If he would take the time to listen and reflect on the choices he makes, he could become more conscious of the consequences they bring. Only then will he be able to sustain a meaningful connection with his partner, without feeling that he has to compromise or give up his freedom to be his own individual.

To catch your Aquarius man, appeal to his logical, mental side. Allow him to see your genius, your quirkiness, all of the things that make you unique. Also play the detachment card. Give him just enough of your time to keep him intrigued, then back off for a day, two days, even a few weeks. Then pop back into his life, showing him your vibrancy and wit. Before too long you'll find him seeking you out instead of the other way around! Once you've caught him, keep declarations of love and adoration to the bare minimum. Nothing will drive him away quicker. Also make sure to give him space. If he feels any impressions of clinging on your part he'll be back-stepping as fast as he can.


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