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An Aquarius and Virgo compatability match can be intellectually stimulating but romantically difficult. Read further to see how this Earth sign and Air sign fare in the long run.

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When Virgo and Aquarius come together, they are more likely to be linked by a meeting of the minds in a friendship instead of a romantic relationship.

Because both individuals are highly intellectual 'thinker' signs, they are likely to find each mentally stimulating and spend much time conversing over a wide range of subjects.

Nevertheless, the Virgo intellect gravitates more towards immediate practical matters in the environment whereas Aquarian intellect leans towards wide-ranging humanitarian pursuits. There also doesn't tend to be a strong connection in the physical arena either, and passions may be cool for these two astrological signs.


Even though they may click on an intellectual level, Aquarius' aloof, detached impersonal manner is unlikely to go well with over-sensitive Virgo, who may feel unappreciated and rejected.

Furthermore, Aquarius is inherently sociable and loves mingling with people from all walks of life so this may arouse some resentment and jealousy on Virgo's part. This tendency poses some challenges to Aquarius and Virgo compatibility.

Virgo essentially craves stability and routine in a mate and can feel somewhat threatened by Aquarius' free-wheeling, freedom-loving, unconventional and unpredictable approach to life.

Aquarians ultimately seek excitement and new challenges in life and are likely to feel stifled and bogged down by Virgo's predictability and mundane routine approach to life.

Unless these two have more harmonious influences from each other's chart, astrology compatibility for this pairing can prove challenging in the long run.

A Virgo and Aquarius compatibility match faces some strong challenges for everlasting love...


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