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An Aquarius and Scorpio relationship is a difficult match according to astrology compatibility. Find out why this water sign and air sign have a tough road to travel before true love can blossom...

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Scorpio and Aquarius make an odd combination as they have such different personalities and hold such vastly different perspectives about life.

As Scorpio thrives in forging deep intense emotional bonds with a partner, the Aquarius mate is likely to be too emotionally detached, aloof and unpredictable for the security-minded Scorpio.

What Scorpio needs is a highly passionate and sensual partner who understands their need for intimacy, commitment and stability. A Scorpio values loyalty and trust above all other traits in a relationship, and they often won't be able to find these characteristics in an Aquarian.

Being so unconventional and inconsistent in mannerisms and actions, Aquarius needs a partner who provides unconditional freedom for them to do their own thing. Scorpio is unlikely to be able to provide this for an Aquarian.


Aquarius is likely to feel suffocated and stifled in this union. To an Aquarian freedom is an important element to any relationship. Their sense of freedom can feel threatened by Scorpio's jealous, possessive streak, and need for close intimacy in a relationship.

Scorpio is essentially a private introverted sign which needs certain amounts of solitude to recharge whereas Aquarius is a social butterfly who often prefers to keep people at an arm's length from their emotions.

The differences in astrology compatibility for Scorpio and Aquarius are definitely present, and it will take a lot of work by both partners for this zodiac love match to stand the tests of time.


Astrologically, both are fixed stubborn signs and there exists a certain amount of willfulness, so both are unlikely to back down and give in to the other when disagreement arises in this union. Being so fixated and strongly opinionated, they rarely make compromises for their differing views of others.

This can lead to a breakdown in communication unless both partners find common ground to start from.

Unless there are more harmonious influences found in each other's chart to help offset the inherent differences in personality, an Aquarius and Scorpio relationship is usually a recipe for disaster in the long run.


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