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An Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility match can be hot, hot hot. Find out how this Fire sign and Air sign fare in long term romance.

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

love match for aquarius astrology compatibility sagittarius compatibility


This astrological pairing has a lot of potential because this Fire Air combination has so much in common. Both value their personal freedom and autonomy tremendously and are driven by the desire for intellectual stimulation and growth.

Initially, the love of adventure and desire to seek new frontiers may kick-start this union. Fiery Sagittarius will be drawn towards the eccentricities and free-spirited nature of their Aquarian lover.

In turn Aquarius will be intrigued by their Sagittarians unquenchable enthusiasm and ability to turn every moment into a rockin' good time.

Don't expect many dull moments between this astrology compatibility love match, especially in the beginning of a relationship.


These two astrological signs have more in common than their fun-loving natures and charismatic socializing.

They are also interested in serving mankind and will be able to support each other's vision for social peace and harmony. Both have a fairly direct, straightforward and honest approach to relationships.

Together they offer each other the freedom to be their own independent person within the relationship, which is important for both of these signs as the quickest thing to drive them away is a clingy partner.

Also, since they are both such social creatures and excellent communicators, there are likely to be great parties, lots of friends, and good communication filling their time together.


Every match has a few downfalls and these two lovers are no different.

There are a few differences between them. Sagittarians tend to think with their hearts. Sure they're intellectual and witty, but it all comes down to emotions for them in the end.

Aquarians are very mental creatures, and even though they have a tendency towards being quite eccentric, they use logic to make major life decisions.

This difference between the mind and the heart can come into play affecting this love match, especially if they have other aspects in their charts that don't mesh well.

It's not a deal-breaker, and these two have an excellent chance at success. If they run into any roadblocks along the way, here's some advice to help out.

Sagittarius needs independence, just like Aquarius, however the Sag partner also wants a bit of attention and admiration. If the Aquarian lover can provide an ocassional compliment or two, it will satisify their Sag.

In turn eccentric Aquarius does need a bit of logic. If the Sagittarian lover will spend a little time thinking through their actions using reason and logic, it will appease their Aquarian.

These two lovers are non-possessive individuals who dislike being tied down by anyone's strings. Compatibility for Sagittarius and Aquarius can be a match made in heaven for this reason. Neither will get bound up by jealousy or clinging.

Together an Aquarius and Sagittarius love match can take on the world, and enjoy the heck out of themselves in the process. Expect a dynamic, light-hearted relationship full of change and interesting events for these two zodiac lovers.


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