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An Aquarius and Pisces astrology compatibility match can be a fulfilling union. Find out how these air and water signs fare in the long run:

Astrology Relationship : Dating Love Match Advice

aquarius astrology compatibility astrology compatibility pisces and aquarius compatibility


Although these two signs have vastly different personalities, Aquarius is often drawn to the mysterious aura and sensitive vibrations exerted by Pisces. An Aquarian can find a Piscean alluring and seductive. These last two signs on the zodiac wheel are the only signs that truly represent humanitarian causes and ideals. As a result the relationship between these two is often founded on empathy. However, both types of empathy are vastly different in nature. Aquarius empathy revolves round its intellectual capacity whereas Pisces empathy is based more on the feeling and emotional realm.

Aquarius is a much more gregarious and social being than Pisces, whose constant need for solitude may not be understood well. In addition, Pisces is prone to periods of self-introspection and various forms of escapism, which might frustrate the Water Bearer's need for social interaction. On the other hand, Aquarius detachment and aloofness may leave Pisces feeling unappreciated and unloved at times.

Pisces will be the more passive, compromising and accommodating of the two in this union. The Fishes' compassionate, protective and nurturing qualities might just be able to expose the Water Bearer's inability to give of him or herself emotionally. Pisces will need to tap into his/her intuition and realize that the Water Bearer's detachment is part of their personality and not an indicator of lack of love and affection.


To keep an Aquarius and Pisces love match strong, the Pisces partner will need to provide enough space and freedom to keep their Aquarius sweetheart from feeling stifled. Remember Pisces, your mate loves their freedom above all else, and they need to feel that they have an independent life as well as one joined with a partner.

Aquarius, if you can share your emotions with your partner just a little bit more, you'll keep them around! It's in your nature to stay in your private world, but your Piscean craves intimacy in a union. They will feel unloved if you don't share with them!

The strongest feature of this astrological love match is that you both crave a little space. Aquarius for you it comes out in the need for an independent life with freedom, adventure and social events. Pisces for you it is revealed in your need for introspection and alone time.

This need can keep your relationship strong in the long run. While the Aquarian goes out for another evening out with friends, it's the perfect opportunity for the Piscean to soak up some solitude at home.

All in all, these two signs are a complimentary match, and your relationship can be very fulfilling. There are enough similarities in your signs personality types to make a happy union for many years to come.


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