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An Aquarius and Aquarius astrology compatibility match can be full of adventure, fun and freedom. Find out how these two air signs fare in the long run:

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aquarius astrology compatibility astrology compatibility aquarius compatibility


Aquarius love traits include creativity, excitement, adventure and fun.

What essentially binds two Aquarians together is their need for adventure, intellectually stimulating partnerships and freedom-loving ways. Being of the same sign, both will naturally mirror the qualities each other possesses and this can be to their benefit or detriment.

They are both altruistic, humanitarian signs who are likely to be drawn to each other's creative streak and innovative ideas. There will be no lack of mental stimulation, quest for new adventure and sense of fun in this pairing.

An issue for this pairing is that Aquarians tend to intellectualize rather than feel their feelings. This can eventually lead to a detached and undemonstrative relationship if both are too out of touch with the emotional realm. Because an Aquarius and Aquarius astrology match will have both partners valuing their space and freedom, there may come a time when they are both too independent and might find intimacy elsewhere.

The biggest danger for this astrology love match is that as fixed signs, both are rather rigid and inflexible in their own ways, refusing to give in to the other when disagreement and conflict arise. They will have to learn the art of compromise to maintain a more harmonious union.

If they learn to expose their vulnerabilities at times and encourage each other to get more in touch with their feelings, they might just be able to do away with the difficulties and enjoy a long-lasting union.


To keep your double Aquarian relationship strong remember that although space, independence, and freedom are valuable there can be too much of it in this pairing. While you both are strong people with individual lives, remember to check in with one another on occasion. Otherwise the tendency to drift apart can cause your relationship to fizzle over time.

The other challenge you both will face is an unwillingness to ever admit you're wrong. If both of you can bend just a little, you'll have a great partnership, one full of exciting new adventures.

The strength of this partnership is that neither one of you is likely to feel stifled by your partner, which is a big problem in most other pairings for Aquarians. Your need for independence, creativity and freedom will be honored and respected by both of you, since both of you naturally thrive best in this state.

Just remember to pull away from your projects every now and then to throw a kiss in each other's direction! If you do, this can be the match of a lifetime for both of you.

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