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Animal Reiki Hits the Mainstream, an energy healing news story. On Monday, October 13th, 2008 Kathleen Prasad presented a Reiki seminar to a group of Veterinary Technicians at the Annual AHVMA Convention held in Reno, Nevada. This spells a change in mainstream medical thinking... at least when it comes to animals.

Kathleen is a Reiki Master who has been volunteering her time to share Reiki energies with shelter animals since 1998. She is also the author of two books on Animal Reiki, and her writings on Animal Reiki have been published in well-known magazines like "Dog Fancy" and "Animal Wellness".

According to Kathleen the acceptance of Reiki is growing in veterinarian offices nationwide. Kathleen says, "In the United States alone, nearly 100 veterinarians are listed as Reiki practitioners with the A.H.V.M.A. (the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)."

Reiki is being considered a complementary therapy approach to standard medical treatment for animals. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who has fully embraced the use of Reiki healing energy in animal treatments is Dr. Lauren Chattigre. She is a DVM and a Reiki Master who practices at the Cascade Summit Animal Hospital of West Linn, Oregon. She states,  It s just a question of people getting used to the idea, trying it and seeing the benefits. Change is slow, especially in scientific circles." She goes on to point out how acupuncture has bridged the gap from hocus-pocus to mainstream acceptance, and now Reiki is following in it's footsteps.

We'll be looking for more stories about Animal Reiki hitting the mainstream collective, so check back and visit with us again.

Namaste, Tanja

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