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The Ottowa Citizen, a Canadian Newspaper, ran a story on Saturday, October 4, 2008 about Patricia Wall. Louise Rachlis, journalist, interviewed Patricia. According to the article Patricia was involved in a four car accident that left her in bad health and in a state of hardly functioning.

Patricia said, "After a year of western medicine, I could stand for about three minutes, and then I'd fall. I couldn't read, couldn't work, and was barely able to string sentences together. Although my degree and work background are the logic of computers, and my father is a doctor, I knew my only hope lay outside western medicine."

Like many others she realized allopathic medicine had done as much for her as it could, it was time to take her healing into her own hands. She studied a wide array of holisitic healing and energy healing modalities. Her health improved over time as she took courses under energy healing practitioners. Then there came a time when she had completely regained her health. That was when she decided to extend healing services to others.

In the article she talks about the positive changes that came about because of the accident. It is interesting that so many people experience positive life changing experiences as a result of extremely negative situations. She said, "Before the accident I was extremely cynical and hostile. I was bewildered and challenged in many different ways by the concept of energy medicine." The accident provided Ms. Wall with a completely new perspective on life and personal responsibility for health. No longer close-minded to the concept of energy healing, she found that it was the one thing capable of healing her when western medicine was unable to.

Now she has a successful career in Cananda as an energy healer. Her advice to people facing a health crisis (also applicable for emotional or spiritual crisis') is, ""Life is full of flat tires and challenges. That won't change. But lots of things can change. Your body can change.Your many relationships can change in ways you can't imagine. Your work experience can change. Your health and well-being can change. When you feel good, and life feels good, then a flat tire is not so bad."

Seeing an article like this in the mainstream press of Canada is exciting. As more people come together and say, "My life has to change," the majority of people will begin to learn that energy healing can not only bring you back from a damaging car accident, but also transform your life, including body-spirit-soul.


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