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A Healing Breath for Stressful Times is an energy healing news story that was printed in the "Oregonian", a print newspaper dedicated to the Oregon lifestyle.Yet another mainstream news article focusing on alternative energy healing practices! We love it.

On October 12th, 2008 the Oregonian printed an article by Michael Sears,a Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher from Portland, Oregon. Michael emphasizes the effects of stress on the body saying, "How we each handle stress in our life determines to a large extent how healthy we are." Stress, that non-tangible concept that we all feel when it's gnawing through our psyche, can do more than offset a healthy lifestyle, it can bring down even healthy immune systems.

According to Medical Doctor Herbert Benson, the director of the Mind and Body Harvard Medical Institute, "Over 50% of deaths in America each year are due to stress-related conditions affecting the cardiovascular system, our heart, blood vessels and lungs."

Michael offers a solution for coping with the stress in your life. He says, "The first step toward deep self-healing is taking some control over how we breathe." According to Michael, learning to control the breath will direct your body to embrace the deep-healing potentials within itself. He offers a simple practice in the article for learning to co-exist with breath:

Sit in a chair with your spine straight. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Lower your chin to lengthen the back of your neck, this will relax your neck muscles and subtly open your throat to make deep breathing easier. Breath through your nose. Follow your breath with your mind, the gentle inflow and outflow. With each exhale, try to slow down the process, making the exhalation as long as possible, preferably twice as long as your inhalation.

Michael recommends sitting quietly every day, and focusing on your breathing. Following this simple technique will allow your body to repair itself on a deep, cellular level.

Namaste, Tanja

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