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A Crystal Stopped my Bad Dreams

by Carmen
(Daytona Beach)

I had never had much experience with healing with crystals, but I had a friend who was really into crystals and all natural remedies. She used to read a lot of books on such experiences. I had been having bad dreams and I went to her to see if she could help me.

She asked if I had ever tried healing with crystals. Of course I hadn't and told her so. As I finished telling her about my dreams she went over to her dresser and pulled out a small clear crystal and told me that she had done what needed to be done and that it had worked. She said before I go to sleep at night to take the crystal and rub the small crystal into sea salt. Before laying down place the crystal underneath my pillow.

I was not sure that this would work but was willing to try anything at this point just to stop having the bad dreams. I was willing to try healing with crystals just because I had tried everything else and not else was working. So that night I did just as my friend had said and placed the crystal in sea salt and slept on it. Amazingly, I slept all night peacefully, with no bad dreams at all. So I would have to say in my experience with healing with crystals that it really does work.

I was really surprised that the little clear crystal was able to give me a restful night's sleep and I would suggest this to anyone who has not tried it, and who suffers from bad dreams. I was sold on the fact that healing with crystals really does works. Don't ever put down something you don't understand. Instead, try it and see for yourself.

Story shared by Carmen from Daytona Beach Florida

For more information on using crystals for dreams check out our comprehensive page on healing crystals for better sleep, dream work, and lucid dreaming.

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