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Brain wave frequencies research is typically categorized as falling into the well respected field of Neuroscience. Brain waves have been rigorously researched since they were first discovered early in the twentieth century.

It was an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger who first discovered and theorized about brain wave frequencies. In 1908 Dr. Berger developed a theory about the existence of brain waves. He was ahead of his time though, and the scientific community dismissed his theories as fantasy.

Dr. Berger was convinced though, and after many years of research he had a significant breakthrough. It was in the 1920's that Dr. Berger invented a machine that proved his theory of the existence of brain waves. He called it the Electroencephalograph, or EEG for short.

The EEG was capable of measuring these newly discovered brain waves. The EEG, which is still in use today, graphs the brain's electrical activity. Brain cells communicate by electrical impulses, and an EEG measures and records these electrical impulses.

After the traditional scientific community caught up with Dr. Berger, they recognized and validated his theories. Now his theories on the various brain wave states are well-researched and in complete acceptance by the modern scientific community and the energy healing community.

So what did all of Dr. Berger's research into brain waves do? It serves as the basis for all of the brain wave research that has come since then. A simple overview of this research is that the human brain is constantly fluctuating or oscillating. Remember from earlier in the entrainment section we discussed that everything in existence is in a constant state of vibration/oscillation? The human brain is too.

In fact it's been well mapped and studied. Now it is widely accepted that there are six brain wave states, with four main ones: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Gamma and Lamda waves are still somewhat contentious and so we will focus on the four most accepted.

The human brain has oscillations/vibrations which are known as wave frequencies. Dr. Berger's EEG machine has helped us map those frequencies and give them names. The frequencies are measured the same as music and vibration frequencies as Hz. A Hz counts as a frequency of waves per minute. So one Hz would mean one wave per minute.

Beta is described as 14hz-30 Hz or 14-30 brain wave cycles per second. Alpha is 8hz-14Hz or 8-14 brain wave cycles per second. Theta is 4 Hz-8 Hz or 4-8 brain wave cycles per second. Delta is .5 hz-4 Hz or ½ -4 brain wave cycles per second.

So if one Hz is one brain wave cycle per second, then we know that the higher the Hz count the higher the frequencies. Lambda is the highest frequency, followed by Gamma. The next is Beta. The slower brain wave frequencies are known as Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Most people fluctuate during a twenty-four hour period between delta, theta, alpha, and beta. Some people enter into Gamma and Lamda as well, primarily when doing intense mental work.

Beta is known as the brain wave state associated with waking life, analytical thought, active brain patterns, concentration, and alertness. Higher Beta states are associated with critical thinking and problem solving such as one would experience while doing math. High Beta states are also associated with anxiety and stress.

Alpha is a slower brain wave state. It is associated as a range between sleep level one and two. It is often experienced during deep meditation, light sleep, hypnotic states, prayer, and times of heightened spiritual awareness Alpha ranges between relaxed yet focused and deeply relaxed.

Theta brain waves are slower yet. Theta brain waves are a common state for children during waking hours until the age of thirteen. Adults do not often enter Theta while awake unless they are involved with some of the activities listed.

Delta is sleep stages three and four, deep sleep or extremely deep meditation. It is the dominant brain wave frequency of children until age one. Yogis in India have been tested as going down into Delta brain wave states during periods of deep meditation. Most people do not experience Delta or Theta brain waves during waking hours.

What this research about brain waves teaches us is that performing certain activities will promote varying brain wave activity. If a typical person in America lives a high-stress, fast-paced lifestyle, it often means they are spending most of their waking time in the Beta state.


We ll go back to Frank as an example. Here's a typical day for Frank. He wakes up at 6 a.m., rushes into the shower, grabs a piece of toast for breakfast and races out the door. It's his day to drop the kids off at school before work so he battles rush hour traffic to the elementary and middle school. Then more traffic wars to get to work.

In the car he's already reviewing his work day: the overdue project sitting on his desk, the department budget meeting at four, oh darn, there's that phone call he forgot to make yesterday. He buzzes into work, slams down a cup of coffee, and hits that list of emails he needs to return. Lunch hour goes by, but he'll have to skip it today. Too much going on.

It's a quarter to five and he's still got that project on his desk. The one his boss has been asking for since last week, but what could he do? There was that emergency with his administrative assistant and he'd been left fielding his own calls all day. Now his mind is already onto the next track. His wife picked up the kids from school, but Joey's got a little league game tonight and it's his turn to drive. Frank really needs to finish this project so as he runs out the office door he packs up the papers. He'll do the project at the little league game. He spends the next few hours as a road warrior in rush hour traffic and frantically working on his laptop at the little league game.

Somewhere around 8 p.m., Frank makes it in the door. After her own long day at work, Vicky, his darling wife has made a great dinner. He sits down to eat, taking his first deep breath of the day when Vicky tells him about the faucet in the kitchen that started dripping today. Could he take a look at it? Oh, not right now, but on the weekend, after mowing the lawn and doing the fall maintenance on the house.

What a day. Frank feels stressed out and irritated and that nagging tight pain in his stomach is back. That energy healing session he had with Sarah a few months ago has worn off. He thinks back wistfully at how balanced and calm he'd felt that day. He sits back in his chair and considers something Sarah had told him, about a weekly sound healing circle she held. It was supposed to help people like him feel more balanced and calm. Just what he wants, but right now he's got to go check that the kids have their homework done, and that his suit is pressed for the morning, and oh yeah, there's one last phone call to make for work before bed. He'll think about that sound healing circle some other time.

Where has Frank been all day? In high Beta state. His rational, analytical thought processes have been ruling since he woke up at six a.m. Now it's time for two hours of decompression before bed and back to it all over again.

This kind of day is typical for too many people in America, and all over the world. It's not just male business executives. It's working mothers, it's college students with two part-time jobs to help pay tuition, it's day laborers and auto mechanics and school teachers and elementary school children. Yes. Even them.

The American culture is speeding up, going faster than ever before. Not many people have time for neighborhood block parties, and evening chats on the front porch. Many Americans are living in Beta brain wave states during most of their waking hours. Even when they do have time to relax and slow their brain wave frequencies, many of them are too stressed and worn out to even begin to know how to do it.

What does this mean? Go. Go. Go. Go more. Go faster. Go better than before.

The problem with living in Beta brain wave states all the time is that there's not enough time for the body to heal itself. Remember the yogi's in India? They are able to slow down their brain wave frequencies not to just Alpha, or even Theta, but all the way down to Delta.

Even regular meditators can lower their brain wave frequencies to alpha and theta. So why would you want to lower your brain wave frequencies? First there's the fact that people who operate in alpha and theta during waking hours are calmer, more at peace, and more spiritually connected. They feel better. They enjoy their lives more. They are in balance with the divine order. They are healthier.

So when a person changes their brain wave frequencies, through meditation, chanting, a long walk in the park, a sound healing concert, holding a crystal, they are lowering their level from Beta to Alpha, sometimes even as low as Theta.

The effect of this change in brain wave frequency is lower stress, a feeling of calm peacefulness, and on a physical level, a rebalancing and healing effect. As you can see, lowering brain wave frequencies can be tremendously beneficial. The way this happens is through brain wave entrainment.

We're going to explore some fascinating research in the next section. So far we've covered the scientifically proven physics concepts of entrainment, brain wave entrainment, and brain wave frequencies. We've shown research based on these concepts that proves that the human body can be entrained and that the entrainment can lead to good effects. The next section, The Human Energy Field is going to take these concepts even further and show research that has proven that hands-on energy healing is real. Either click the link above to go to the next section or review all four sections in the scientific research healing energy links section below.

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