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Welcome to our Guided Cosmic Meditation page. It is a guided meditation technique designed to align you to the cosmic planetary energies, and align your chakras using corresponding planetary elements.

The Cosmic Meditation is designed to enhance your awareness of the cosmic forces that are at work in your life. It combines cosmic exploration, color therapy, energy healing and chakra healing. I like to use this meditation before going to bed. It is great for stimulating dreams of flying and connecting your energies to the cosmos. Use this technique as often as you wish. Allow your intuition to guide you.


guided meditation cosmic chakra balancing

1) Begin the Cosmic Meditation by sitting or laying down in a comfortable position. Fold your hands in your lap and allow yourself to relax. Close your eyes gently.

2) Bring your attention to your breath. Follow the movement of your breath in and out of your body. Slowly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take a total of ten deep healing breaths.

3) Bring your attention to your third eye chakra located in the center of your brow. Visualize a ball of indigo colored energy in your third eye.

4) Visualize this sphere of energy expanding slowly outwards around your body. Your whole body is surrounded by this beautiful indigo colored globe.

5) Visualize yourself rising into the sky. You feel very light, very calm. Rising higher and higher through the clouds. The sky gets darker and darker until you are surrounded by the darkness of outer space.

6) All around you, you can see stars. Some are very distant, just pinpricks of light. Others are huge and glow with the brightness of the Sun. You can see the blackness of space extending outward in all directions.

7) You move towards a large planet with rings around it and recognize it as Saturn. As you get closer to it, you can feel your Root Chakra becoming strengthened and balanced. You glide around the rings of Saturn and feel the essence of it, firm and grounded. You plunge into the heart of the Red Storm of Saturn. You are surrounded and filled by the color red. You feel warm, stable, and protected.

8) You leave Saturn and move toward another planet, the giant named Jupiter. As you fly around Jupiter, you feel the your Sacral chakra becoming strengthened and balanced. You are surrounded and filled by the color orange. You feel creative and your emotions are in harmony.

9) You then find yourself flying through the universe toward Mars. The red planet is small but you feel immense power emanating from it. You are aware of your solar chakra and feel your level of personal power increasing far beyond anything you have ever felt before. You feel the essence of the true potential within yourself. You are surrounded and filled by the color yellow. You feel very confident and able to rise above any challenges you are presented in your life.

10) You leave Mars and move through the universe toward the gentle planet Venus. Venus radiates the energy of the Divine Feminine and feelings of warmth and love fill your soul as you sail around her surface. You are surrounded and filled by the color green. Your heart chakra expands and you feel as though you are being cradled in the arms of the universe.

11) You now move toward Mercury. As you approach, you are illuminated by the bright light of the Sun. Mercury awakens your throat chakra, increasing your ability to communicate. You are surrounded and filled by the color blue. You understand the nature of honesty and feel empowered to Speak Your Truth.

12) You are inspired by the immense glow of the star known as the Sun, the center of our known Universe. Inside your protective indigo aura, you can feel the heat of the Sun, serving as a beacon of light and source of life to all things on our planet. You fly directly into the heart of the Sun. The light floods your third eye and the cellular consciousness of your entire body awakens. A depthful knowledge of all things fills you and your third eye is more open and aware than ever before. You are surrounded and filled by the color indigo.

13) You then travel to the dark surface of Earth's Moon. The dark side of the moon holds an air of mystery. Calm and peaceful, you explore the valleys and craters of the Moon. The intensity of the Sun's light is perfectly balanced by the gentleness of the Moon. Your third eye is open and balanced. No fear can touch you now as all things, light and dark, have been explored.

14) Feeling completely balanced and whole, you fly freely through the Cosmos. Stars zip past you and you see thousands of planets, moons, and full galaxies in your exploration of outer space. Infinity stretches out in all directions and your soul smiles at the newfound knowledge of the vastness of what we call the world. You are surrounded and filled by the color violet. Your crown chakra is open and you are aware of the "I am" presence, the knowing that you are beyond any labels or judgements.

15) Allow yourself to explore for as long as you feel guided to do so. When you are finished, move back down to the Earth. When comfortably back in your original position, return your attention once more to the breath moving effortlessly in and out of your body. Take ten long, slow, deep breaths.

16) You are now finished with the Cosmic Meditation.

cosmic meditation

Feel free to use the Cosmic Meditation as often as your wish. It works particularly well when you feel stagnant or limited in your daily life. Cosmic Meditation is also a chakra balancing technique and can stimulate a strong healing reaction when practiced regularly.

One last note: The Cosmic Meditation is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with Moldavite. If you have Moldavite available, lay down and place the stone on your third eye. I have found this to be incredibly powerful. If you are doing the Cosmic Meditation in a sitting position, hold the Moldavite against your third eye for the first four steps and then place in your lap or under your chair.


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